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Players in Destiny 2 have been waiting for Legendary Menace for 5 years – Now Bungie declares that it will never return

With the Rise of Iron DLC, Bungie has created a new and abstract threat. SIVA, BrayTech’s replicating nano-tech, has wreaked havoc in Destiny 1 and players have been hoping for a return in Destiny 2 for years. Bungie has answered questions in a new Q&A, and one of them is about this ancient foe.

Q&A with Bungie – Who was there? Bungie hosted a Q&A with select media in the presence of Nikko Stevens, the Senior Narrative Designer, and Liz Baker, the Extensions Narrative Designer. Questions were asked about Witch Queen’s story development on Lightfall, as well as specific content in Season.


However, an interesting question that should interest Destiny 1 veterans in particular is why SIVA, a self-replicating nanotechnology, didn’t make it into Season 19. Many enemy races also made a comeback in Destiny 2. From the horde to the possessed, everything was represented, but SIVA with the *text muted*ish splicers were skilfully neglected. Bungie now explains why a comeback is unlikely.

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SIVA is a story that is simply ticked off

What do the developers say about a return? Nikko Stevens spoke up on that question, explaining that SIVA was often an issue when discussing a Rasputin season. To this he said:


We always talk about any related story thread when we start something new. So whenever the Warmind comes up, whether it was back in Season of the Worthy or now, SIVA has been part of the conversation narratively. We talk about it, we kick it around. But ultimately I think SIVA is a story that was told in Rise of Iron and concluded in Rise of Iron.

Since the release of Destiny 2, many guardians have been hoping that SIVA could appear again in the loot shooter. The weapons and their design, as well as the mechanics behind the nanotechnology have always been eye-catching, but in Destiny 2 only the Exo-Weapon Perfected Breakout and some Exo-Ornaments made it into the game.

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But Nikko Stevens also addresses an issue that stands in the way of a SIVA release and that is the story of Destiny 2 itself:


While it’s narratively possible to flip these stories on their head and bring them back, I think there’s one thing we need to do seasonally to make sure we’re focusing on the story the season is telling — and that we’re not stuck in pieces delight that don’t necessarily advance the story. I think SIVA is cool but it would be a step backwards. We’ve tried to build on Neomuna and Lightfall and make sure this story has room to breathe – room to flourish – before players enter this new destination.

While Nikko himself doesn’t deny a comeback, the Senior Narrative Designer makes it clear that the main story of the Light and Darkness saga has top priority. Anything that doesn’t fit the story won’t be added. This also includes SIVA.

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When did SIVA make its first appearance? SIVA made its debut in Destiny 1 in September 2016 with the Rise of Iron DLC. This expansion allowed Guardians to travel once again to Ancient Russia to contain a sealed threat there.

The fiendish Splicers transformed by SIVA

The threat was a self-replicating nanotechnology called SIVA. The Iron Lords wanted to use this technique for good, because SIVA could break down and reassemble all matter. While attempting to recover this technology, the Iron Lords were ambushed by an artificial intelligence and then, save for a few survivors, were eliminated by SIVA itself.

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Because of this, SIVA is classified as highly dangerous and is guarded by Lord Saladin himself to prevent anyone from attempting another SIVA crisis.

What do you think of Bungie preferring to focus on more topical issues like the upcoming Lightfall DLC? Do you think it’s good or a pity that SIVA might never get a comeback? Let us know in the comments!


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