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Players in Fortnite can no longer see crossovers – demand more creative skins again

Fortnite has a long history behind its skins and their releases. First, players saw skins of their own creation. After a few seasons and a chapter, the crossover skins now rule the battlefield of the colorful BR shooter. However, that stinks for most players now – they finally want to see homemade skins from Epic again.

What are players complaining about? On reddit, user LeftResponsibility81 complains that he’s tired of all the Marvel skins. However, he is not alone in this. Many players agree with him and are also fed up with ongoing crossovers without any individuality.

You’re missing skins from the OG days of Fortnite. The looks of secret skins like Ruin and The Prisoner can impress, but Marvel superheroes who would never use guns in battle are starting to annoy players.


Such outfits embodied the character of Fortnite many times more than people in skin-tight suits who use guns to defend themselves on a small map. Fans of the BR shooter are therefore finally demanding more of their own and above all secret skins, because they can no longer see superhero outfits.

Secret skins should remain individual but also “secret”.

Players saw through Epic’s reasons: The problem of ongoing Marvel crossovers has existed for months. In addition to the copies of the superheroes, Epic Games no longer hides the additional skin that is added each season. Here’s what one player thinks about it and understands why Secret Outfits are no longer Secret:

Yes, I would also prefer if they are secret. But I understand why they don’t do it anymore. People buy collabs more than original skins. So why wouldn’t they use characters that people love to market the Battle Pass? It’s an additional character on the market and would result in more Battle Pass sales.

says reddit user Wboy2006

Wboy2006 mainly mentions that Epic uses this as a market strategy to get many players to buy the Battle Pass. Why would Epic hide a skin that could be the reason many players buy it? The theory sounds plausible, but in the long run it will bother the fans more and more.

When Fortnite launched the Marvel season with Chapter 2 Season 4, it was a special event. A Battle Pass with lots of superheroes and a season in which players with super powers could destroy their enemies.

That was cool and exciting at the time, but now the ever-present Marvel skins in Battle Passes seem more like loveless stopgap to offer more outfits to longtime fans.

Will Epic Quit With Marvel Skins Soon? As long as there are Marvel superheroes, Epic will continue to sprinkle them into the game. Most skins give many undecided players a reason to buy the Battle Pass anyway and Epic can’t do without that. However, there will come a time when all Marvel superheroes have made it into the colorful BR shooter.

From then on, Epic either has to use its own box of ideas or enter into a new collaboration with a brand like DC, which can also offer such a range of content as Marvel. It remains to be seen what Epic ultimately decides on.

What do you think of the Marvel Universe crossovers? Does it tick you off that more and more superheroes with guns are making the battlefield unsafe? Or do you not care and prefer to play with your OG skins? Let us know!


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