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Players of the gourmet shooter Hunt: Showdown are confronted with an idea from Call of Duty React snooty

Hunt: Showdown is an insider tip for shooter fans. A game for real connoisseurs and connoisseurs, so they say. But now the fans are exposed to a mechanism that is otherwise more familiar from the wide range of shooters. They get a Battle Pass – and they don’t like it at all.

What kind of passport is this? Hunt: Showdown gets a Battle Pass with the new event. The developers announced this via their social media channels and caused very mixed reactions from fans of the gourmet shooter.


The pass is called “The Gilded Path” and will come to the game in a normal and a premium version. Along the way, you can unlock new cosmetic items and even a legendary hunter that evolves as you progress through the pass.

He enters the game on July 27th alongside the new event “Serpent’s Moon”, which brings two new weapon variants and a new time of day, the eponymous Serpent’s Moon, to the horror shooter.

How long you then have to solve the pass or whether it will remain in the game after the event is still unclear at the moment.


In the video there is the trailer for one of the older events:

Hunt: Showdown shows some hard-hitting action in the trailer

How has it looked so far? Hunt: Showdown has refrained from such a concept in the past. So far, you have worked with individual, cosmetic DLCs and optional, purely cosmetic in-game purchases. The events didn’t detract from that either, even if you could buy items for real money during events to complete them faster.

Developer Crytek always communicated that these boosters are not needed, but serve the purpose of supporting the studio itself, if you want to. You could easily complete the events without these boosters.


The community reacts top down and is very divided

Players complain about well-known mechanics: Hunt: Showdown players are very mixed about the upcoming Battle Pass. Many don’t think it’s nice that their personal insider tip is now like all other shooters.

Some attribute this to the hiring of David Fifield as general manager of Hunt: Showdown. He had previously worked on Call of Duty and Halo, among others. Some users in the comments therefore jump to conclusions and scoff.

  • Logan writes (via Facebook): “One of my favorite aspects of Hunt was that it was so unique. That’s dead now.”
  • Wes is also unimpressed (via Facebook): “Your CoD guy David is totally original, I’m laughing my ass off. I saw that coming from 252 meters away.”
  • Humberto writes (via Facebook): “Really now? First you find fewer Bloodbonds, then the skins get more expensive and now there’s a Battle Pass for a full-price game? Make Hunt Free2Play straight away.”
  • Mansour also received a lot of encouragement (via Facebook): “I lost all hope in the game. It was bad enough that new content was coming out so slowly and that you are adding multiple currencies to the game. Now you’re also blocking access to content for people who would rather spend their money on your DLCs and skins than a Battle Pass. I’m done with the game.”

However, the camp of negative fans also shares the bad mood about the Battle Pass with those who are actually looking forward to it.

Other fans support the idea: On the other hand, there is a large part of the community who are happy to buy the Battle Pass. Funnily enough, many of them are not enthusiastic about the mechanics themselves, but would like to support the developers and their favorite shooter.


The fans don’t really care what’s actually in the Battle Pass. Many of the users feel closely connected to the unusual horror shooter and want to ensure that Hunt: Showdown lives on and is developed for a long time.

  • Toothybrushman writes (via reddit): “I think that’s a good idea. Crytek has attempted to monetize the game in the most bizarre of ways. […] Battle Passes have proven to be a successful system in many games. If they absolutely need to keep monetizing the game, that’s the way they should go.”
  • Jan writes (via Facebook): “A lot of people don’t seem to understand that Hunt is a multiplayer game. That just requires resources. You wouldn’t work for free either.”
  • Marc agrees (via Facebook): “I’m buying the Battle Pass, but only to support the game I love and keep it alive as long as possible.”
  • Jordan says (via Facebook), “I support the game and the team as much as I can, but I don’t think a Battle Pass is the right path for Hunt. It can destroy games and cause fans to burn out. We’ll see what happens.”

What do you think? Are you actively playing Hunt and think a Battle Pass is just what the shooter needs? Or are you on the other side and condemn the developers for introducing such a system? Write it to us in the comments here at MeinMMO.

In my favorite shooter on Steam, enemies stop killing me soon after I win.