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Players praise Niantic for its handling of this bug

players praise niantic for its handling of this bug

Pokemon GO It has given a lot to talk about in recent months, and not all of it has been good news.

The game has been heavily criticized for the changes to Remote Raids, and the player boycott led to some losses for Niantic. However, the company has tried to motivate players with new events, and the recent appearance of Shiny Dark Mewtwo seemed to pay off.


However, the new season started with some bugs, although it seems that Niantic has improved its ways of dealing with them.

The error of special exchanges in Pokemon GO

The players of Pokemon GO have reported a rather annoying bug that has to do with trading, the mechanic that allows Pokemon to be sent and received between trainers.

The problem arose when some players tried to trade their regular Pokemon, which were being registered as “rare” and included in the category of Special Trades.


All players have access to only one Special Trade per day, and these require being close to the other manager, being level 10 or higher, and paying with Stardust. Some events offer a temporary bonus that allows Trainers to perform more than one Special Trade per day or the required Stardust.

Niantic spoke confirming that the error is due to the fact that Pokemon evolved in 2023 were being categorized as “rare”. The result is that some players were losing their daily Special Trades for transferring regular Pokemon, taking away the opportunity to expand the Pokedex that day.

But before the criticism grew as on previous occasions, the company spoke out to the community of Pokemon GO to notify us of the error and offer a reward.


Niantic compensates players unexpectedly

Niantic isn’t well known for reacting quickly to criticism from gamers. Pokemon GO. However, this time he has acted quite decisively. He not only acknowledged that the bug is affecting players, but also announced compensation at the level of the inconvenience.

From June 10 to the end of the season on September 1, the Season Bonus will go from offering two Special Exchanges to four. In addition to doubling this reward over the next few months, he also suggested players not trade evolved Pokemon this 2023 so as not to run into this bug. At least until it is corrected.


It should be noted that the bonus of four Special Trades will be active throughout the season, which means that special events such as Axew Community Day can increase the limit to five or more per day.

Of course the players Pokemon GO They appreciated the quick response and praised the company for the way they deal with this new bug that bothers the community. Other players wished the company would take a similar stance on other issues, or just listen to players more often.

Be that as it may, we can declare this situation a kind of victory for those who want more rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Just be careful to choose those Pokemon evolved this year that you want to trade carefully, since you will have a limit for now.

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