Players solve tricky MMORPG puzzle after 5 years and are right before the next one

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The . Tibia Online is known for bringing puzzles into the game that players have to gnaw on for a long time. At the end of February, a USAplayer managed to solve a puzzle that was put into play in July 2017. In the end, however, he is faced with the next task.

What was that riddle? The Museum of Tibian Arts was introduced in the Summer 2017 update. This is a place where strange things happen.

While the first floor still looks like a regular museum, the statues come alive at night from the second floor onwards. The museum then develops into a kind of puzzle dungeon.

  • There is a skeleton that changed when you step on it
  • There are several mysterious skulls
  • There is a room with two thrones
  • Some monsters drop blood samples

Exactly how all this was connected, the players did not find out for years. A Spaniard has now solved the riddle with his friends and has been teleported to a new room where a demon and a chest are waiting. And a new riddle.

You can watch the entire story on YouTube. The video was recorded in Spanish, however the English subtitles are good enough to follow the story:

A second skull remained undiscovered for a long time

Why did the resolution take so long? Players quickly found that they needed to take monster blood samples to a skull in the basement. There they got a broken compass for a quest.

Although the puzzle dungeon seemed unsolved overall and there were hints of further puzzles, you already left the museum with a reward.

Only now has the Spaniard found out that there is a second skull next to one of the thrones. If you also feed a blood sample to this skull, the teleport will occur.

Now what’s the problem? There is another blood sample in the end chest of the riddle. It is not yet clear what this is used for. So the players have solved one puzzle, but they are right before the next one.

This is not unusual for Tibia either. Some stories and puzzles span many years. A few years ago a door that had been closed for 12 years could also be opened. The ., which is now 25 years old, is also otherwise very mysterious.

In February 2021 we reported on a riddle that nobody in Tibia could solve for 7 years: Player reveals 7-year-old secret in . Tibia and he found it.

What do you think of such puzzles? Should modern .s also rely more on hidden mechanics or would you rather be annoyed by constantly nibbling on a puzzle?

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