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Playing High On Life I lived the most absurd, fun and hilarious moment I could ever have imagined – Xbox


Playing High On Life I lived the most absurd, fun and hilarious moment I could ever have imagined – Xbox

I couldn’t review High On Life, and it’s perhaps one of the wisest decisions I made last year, because I wanted to enjoy it quietly, explore it without facing that time pressure that we usually have to endure with reviews. Normally, any detour, sidequest or level-up farming in another game is valid for this task, but High On Life contains some really “absurd” moments that keep you glued to the screen… more than necessary.

Probably, I should give spoilers warning, because the moment that I am going to tell you about is optional, but in my opinion, I think it is worth revealing this secret so that everyone knows it and if possible, enjoy it as I did .

High On Life is much more “cinematic” than you thought

As soon as you have played it, you have verified that in the same house as our protagonist and already in the presence of Gene, our retired bounty hunter, while he is lying on the sofa, he is dedicated to watching human movies, but these are more of a “series”. B” and that move in that almost humorous horror-gore genre. Specifically, “Tammy and the T-Rex”, starring the well-known Paul Walker and Denise Richards (who was a Bond girl in “The World Never Dies”), is the first we can see. Of course, I attest that I do not know if it is whole, because I started to see it and it cuts off after 20 minutes.

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But later, almost in the last missions of the game, I was able to open one of those secrets: A dimensional door that, through a disk that the cook in the main city sells you, offers you access to various curiosities, since it teleports entire areas, like a mini-city, a Skate park or a true complete cinema. And in that cinema, we can enter to see a movie, as it should be. The absurd thing is that we can see it complete. Yes, from beginning to end, even with the credits at the end. But that is not all.

high on life cinema generation xbox 4

The movie theater in question

Up to that point, it’s already surprising that a full-length movie with a real image is included in a video game, because who is going to think that a player is going to stop there to see it in its entirety? And it is that Demon Wind -that’s the name of the film-, is from series B, a very bad film that nobody would want to watch… except if it is with friends and you laugh it all off. And that is precisely the key, since the cinema is completely empty, except for three alien colleagues in the front row, skinning the film throughout its duration.

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I know that many of our readers are not very fond of English, but it is necessary to have a minimum of fluency to enjoy it. Because the film is not subtitled, but the dialogue of these three colleagues is, and in fact, their comments predominate over the audio from the cinema.

The following is a succession of witty, funny, witty comments that comment on the absurd film, which helps to enjoy it in a unique way. I swear I not only saw it in its entirety, I also laughed out loud many times. Outside of Justin Roiland’s humor, which you may like more or less, I experienced a typical situation of being with friends, opening a few beers, some pizzas and laughing at the absurd moments of a scary movie.

It is also true that the film is so bad that it is quite laughable on its own, but these comments are the finishing touches necessary to make it a unique experience. There are not a few who claim that High On Life is funny or a good game, which is debatable, but what cannot be denied is that it is an irreverent irruption of humor in the segment of mid-table titles, which makes it more visible than the rest. The best of all is to discover that videogames, whether they have more or less bugs, still have ability to surprise us without having to belong to any “big IP”.

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