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PlayStation 5 sales are unstoppable and Sony believes that it is only the beginning

playstation 5 sales are unstoppable and sony believes that it

Despite some rocky beginnings, the playstation 5 continues to exceed expectations Sony. The console maker announced another banner year for hardware sales, including more than 6 million in the last quarter alone. With spider-man 2 just around the corner, Sony says it plans to sell an unprecedented 25 million PS5s in 2023.

Through a recent earnings report, Sony stated the following:


“Last quarter, PS5 hardware sales reached 6.3 million units, a record for PS consoles for the fourth quarter, and 19.1 million units for the full fiscal year of fiscal FY22.”

The main problem was a supply shortage which is already being fixed, as the company claims it can now deliver a PS5 to almost anyone in the world with no wait times, and PlayStation added 2.3 million more monthly active players compared to March 2022.

At the moment, there has been no mention of an updated version of PS5. The company previously claimed that it would release more than 10 new online multiplayer games by 2026.