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PlayStation 5: you haven’t seen everything, surprises are coming

playstation 5: you haven't seen everything, surprises are coming

Many players have been disappointed by the PlayStation Showcase. In question the lack of PS5 exclusives from home studios. However, some would be ready to show themselves.


After a year and a half of waiting, PS5 gamers still have a bitter taste for the PlayStation Showcase of 2023. For an hour, Sony showcased many cross-platform games from publisher partners and only a few exclusives. Only Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and a handful of PlayStation Studios service games were shown. Fans of the brand remain unsatisfied, those who were hoping to discover The Last of Us Factions or the next productions from Bend Studio, Santa Monica Studio or even Sucker Punch. In the end, nothing came of it and yet it seems that several of the future PS5 home exclusives are ready to show themselves.

Big games missing from the PlayStation Showcase?

Would Sony keep big announcements warm? Its latest PlayStation Showcase failed to meet the expectations of buyers of its next-gen console. In their eyes, the event failed in its duty by not presenting the productions of the in-house studios. Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch or even Bend Studios are among the notable absentees from this long-awaited event. A decision that seems strange, especially in view of previous editions, which had guaranteed a great show. However, it would seem that some of these long-awaited games are at a fairly stage and should have initially shown themselves this Wednesday, May 24, 2023. In any case, this is what Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming claims.

According to its sources, which have proven to be reliable enough to reveal PlayStation Project Q in advance, many of the games that many people have been waiting for are already ready. “ I don’t understand why Sony decided to wait “, explains theinsider before adding that he himself saw some of the trailers that might have been shown. “IThe few trailers and things I saw and expected at the event that weren’t there. So it’s a big surprise that we only saw that. “However, we do not know which games are ready to be revealed.


TLOU Factions, Ghost of Tsushima 2… where are the PS Studios games?

We imagine that there must be The Last of Us Factions in the lot, the multiplayer free-to-play, which must make the presentations this year. We suspect that it will come to light on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the license next month. Sucker Punch is also working on a new game tipped to be Ghost of Tsushima 2 when Bend Studios works on its most ambitious project to date. However, Sony preferred to show two service games without any gameplay.

A rather strange, even clumsy communication, which calls for a second PlayStation Showcase. In any case, this is what the community is asking for, eager to discover the future portfolio of the PS5. As it stands, the famous phase 2 is not very good. Some hope for clarification during the Summer Game Fest which will also be held next month. If this is the case, it would be all the more strange for the PS Showcase to have highlighted partner studios so much rather than those of the brand’s stable. We’ll be fixed soon enough.