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PlayStation: big revelation about the next film, it’s a cold shower

playstation: big revelation about the next film, it's a cold

The adaptation of Jak and Daxter is talking about her again, but for very bad news that will certainly devastate fans of the cult license.


Ah, Jak and Daxter. A mythical PlayStation license from the 2000s that looked straight into the eyes of the greatest platformers adventure of the time and which competed directly with Ratchet & Clank, saga with which it shares some points in common. Moreover, it is that of Naughty Dog which was born first in 2001, before Insomniac Games also launched its atypical duo of heroes. Sadly, Jak and Daxter only made headlines for their remasters released a few years ago and no new episodes are on the horizon. On the other hand, an adaptation of the franchise to the cinema is well in the pipes at Sony Pictures. Unfortunately, the leaked which has just fallen concerning feature film could shower the fans.

Big blow for Jak and Daxter fans

On the X social network, the leaker MyTimeToShineHello, reputed to be reliable in the cinema world, shares two important information concerning the adaptation of Jak and Daxter. According to his sources, it will not be an animated film … but a live-action. News that devastates fans of the PlayStation license, as can be seen in the comments of the post. ” An animated film would have been so much better “Laments one of the many fans saddened by this revelation.


The leaker drives the point home by revealing the cast of the film. According to his information, Tom Holland will interpret the character of Jak while the role of the little beotter (no, it’s animal does not exist) could be entrusted to Chris Pratt. While the latter had been particularly criticized for his dubbing of Mario in the film Super Mario Bros., this did not prevent the director Ruben Fleischer of the film Jak and Daxter from attributing his confidence to him. Remember that the latter also directed the adaptation of Uncharted, in which Tom Holland playing Nathan Drake.

By the way, this is one of the criticisms that fans make. They would have liked to see new blood playing the roles of these cult characters. “ There are only two people in the PlayStation Cinematic Universe », « Uncharted director is allergic to good casting “, can we read.

Jak 4, hope is still there

For the moment, we don’t know anything about the scenario of the adaptation in preparation at Sony Pictures. The feature film Jak and Daxter could logically adapt the first episode of the saga, or tell a completely original story as the film Uncharted had done. No release period has been communicated, but it is still difficult to imagine that the feature film will be released in 2024 when so little official information has been shared.

Anyway, fans are still hoping that this adaptation will revive the Jak and Daxter license and make Sony and Naughty Dog want to work on a new episode. In 2021, studio president Evan Wells said he admired what Insomniac Games was doing with Ratchet & Clank and that there was still ” lots of love for the franchise at Naughty Dog.