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PlayStation Portal, the portable console for PS5 confirms its price and launch window

playstation portal, the portable console for ps5 confirms its price

After many rumors, Sony confirmed last May a very particular portable console with a code name Project Q to be focused on that we can enjoy our PlayStation 5 games remotely thanks to cloud gaming and WiFi connectivity.

A few minutes ago the Japanese company has named that console which has been named playstation portalwhich will arrive this year in stores and of which we already know the price and some extra features that PlayStation itself has confirmed on its official blog.


This is the price of PlayStation Portal

PlayStation Portal, as you have already read, will arrive during this same 2023 on a date yet to be confirmed at a price of €219.99 or $199.99. Sony itself has also reported that it will shortly give us more details about the console’s reservation campaign.


All the details we know so far about PlayStation Portal at the hardware and functional level

Now entering the field of hardware, Sony has confirmed that PlayStation Portal have an 8-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1080p and a refresh rate of 60 Hz to be able to enjoy a good image quality while we play, while also having a controller with all the features of the DualSense including adaptive triggers and haptic feedback as well as incorporating a minijack connection to use the headphones.

On the other hand, the American portal Esports Extrashas already been able to test PlayStation Portal offering certain extra details as it does not have Bluetooth connectivity (so we will need minijack headphones or with PlayStation Link), in addition to confirming that the panel is touch and that we can charge the device through a USB-C port.


PlayStation Portal is designed to be used when we cannot be in front of the TV or if we want, for example, enjoy PS5 games in our garden or from bedconnecting to PlayStation 5 remotely over the internet to access all the games, that is, Portal uses our own PS5 connected to our WiFi to broadcast the game. Those, it is not necessary that we are connected to the same WiFi as our consolewe can play with PlayStation Portal from another address although this influences the image quality and latency.


Of course, Sony already clarifies that this console does not support titles played via the cloud using PlayStation Plus Premium and neither can we use it to enjoy PS VR2 video games (something that makes much more sense).

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