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PlayStation Showcase: soon a big event with the PS5 Slim? Attention

playstation showcase: soon a big event with the ps5 slim?

A PlayStation Showcase is always a highly anticipated event. And it could well be that a new one is on the way very soon judging by this new information.


Two weeks ago we could find out a bit more about the PS5 Slim. Indeed, according to insider Tom Henderson, a new console would be available by the end of 2023. From September even according to his own words. While it would visibly have the same power as the current PS5, it would be thinner and lighter. And the whole thing would be made possible thanks to the removal of the 4K blu-ray player. To find out even more, why not use a PlayStation Showcase? Well that’s just the rumor of the day… One of them is coming very soon with the console as the star. A PlayStation Showcase for this summer

The rumor mill for the PlayStation Showcase

According to XboxEra gaming blog co-founder Shpeshal Nick, Sony may be hosting a PlayStation Showcase in August where it plans to announce the PS5 Slim. Please note that this information should be taken with a grain of salt because we remember in particular that the blogger had made the same kind of announcement in the past, no later than last year, and this did not turn out to be true. You can also find some of his messages on his Twitter account at the time:

September was apparently the rumor that had been around for a while and I was constantly being asked about it in DMs so I asked since we are approaching September. I was told that August was planned.

Double rations of information, to drink and to eat in the lot?

The difference this time is that last May, a well-known podcaster on the PlayStation universe also said on his side that a second PlayStation Showcase would be planned for the year. Finally last June, a Chinese source on A9VG (one of the largest gamer communities in China) also insisted that a PlayStation Showcase would take place somewhere in the year, without specifying whether it was August.


What is certain is that something is brewing, it remains to be seen when. August or September? In both cases it seems quite obvious that the PS5 Slim will be there even if it is not the central subject of the show. Will we also have the right to the presentation of many games? Wait and see.

On your side, what would you like to see in the event of the organization of a new PlayStToShowcase? The PS5 Slim? The game of a particular studio?

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