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PlayStation Spain launches Summer Comedy Fest, a humorous challenge for the community

Taking advantage of the Summer sales have reached the PS Store for PS5 and PS4, PlayStation USA has launched a contest with which the community can get credit cards for the digital store of the consoles. In a collaboration with the humorist Ángel Martínthis challenge will reward the funniest people in the community: for this they will have to record themselves commenting something clever about one of the games on sale and post it on Twitter.

Those who want to participate in Summer Comedy Fest They have until August 10 to record a humorous video (in horizontal format) commenting on one of the PS5 and PS4 video games available at a discount in the Summer Sale. Once recorded, they will have to publish it as a response to East tweet using the hashtags #PlayStationSummerComedy.

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PS Store credit cards and game copies as prizes

It will be two days after the close of the contest, the August 12when Ángel Martín himself reveals the winners of the PlayStation USA Summer Comedy Fest: he will do so in a live broadcast of a special event that will take place that day at the company’s official channel on Twitch. There we can see the best humorous pieces, whose authors will be awarded with a PlayStation Store gift card worth 20 or a copy to choose from a selection of titles.


Today you can find more than 1000 games with discounts in the PS Store Summer Sale, including some like Ghostwire: Tokyo for 34.99 or far cry 6 for 27.99. Of course, next August 3 new games will arrive with discounts, so you can choose from a greater variety of titles on which to make a humorous video with which to participate in Summer Comedy Fest.

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