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PlayStation Stars is now available in Spain: how to register, rewards and everything you need to know

Finally, the day has come. After premiering in Japan and America, PlayStation Stars It is already available in USA. Sony’s free membership program for PS5 and PS4 already allows us to sEsports Extrasup for a host of digital collectibles.

For this reason, we are going to break down exactly what the system consists of and how we can sEsports Extrasup. PlayStation Stars allows us to earn points by completing different challenges, which leads to rewards in digital format that can be displayed in a digital showcase in the PlayStation App.

First of all, we must register through the official website, although at the moment it is failing. Therefore, the fastest way to achieve it is download the PlayStation app on Android or iOS and there press the PlayStation Stars icon. In this way, the steps for registration will begin, although we can spend on the waiting list for two months.

PlayStation Stars

Benefits for PlayStation Plus members

While the basic plan is to fill our chests with pride, if we are PlayStation Plus subscribers we will have more motivation. With each purchase made in the PlayStation Store, we will earn points, which can be redeemed as balance for the purse. In this way, we save a good pinch on purchases.

Campaigns to get points

There are two ways to get points, depending on the type of campaEsports Extraswe receive. One format will be general, for all users, consisting of exploring areas of a game, playing with friends, competing in tournaments, mastering features of the PS5/PS4 consoles, or solving puzzles.

Games that can be enjoyed via PS3 streaming are excluded from this equation. The second method will be with a custom campaign, which will be based exclusively on our games. The points we earn will end up expiring 24 months after we earn them and cannot be gifted or transferred.

PlayStation Stars vs Microsoft Rewards, the definitive comparison: what the rewards and loyalty programs of Sony and Xbox offer

Loyalty levels

There are four in total, which will give us different benefits. The advantage of having priority in PlayStation customer service is included, which has raised great controversy. Here’s the full breakdown:




Join the PlayStation Stars program

  • By completing the process you will be able to obtain the collectibles.
  • You can also get a commemorative collectible.

Level 2

  • Buy a full game on PlayStation Store
  • Earn a trophy with a rarity higher than “normal”.
  • A tier 2 commemorative collectible
  • All level 1 collectibles will be available.

Level 3

  • Buy 2 full games on PlayStation Store
  • Earn 32 trophies with a rarity higher than “normal”
  • A tier 3 commemorative collectible
  • A special birthday collectible

Level 4

  • Buy 4 full games on PlayStation Store
  • Earn 128 trophies with a rarity higher than “normal”.
  • A commemorative collectible
  • You will be able to use all level 1 to 3 collectibles.
  • When you contact PlayStation Customer Support, you can prioritize the order of care

digital collectibles

Finally we have the exhibition items that we can take to the showcase from the PS App. They are not NFT, cannot be transferred between users, and have different rarities. They represent unforgettable games, characters or moments from the last 25 years of PlayStation. Therefore, our collection will have more relevance depending on their rarity.


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