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PlayStation Stars now also freely accessible in Europe

Last but not least, PlayStation Stars, a programme through which Sony recognises loyal customers, is now accessible in Europe.

Every PSN member has access to the bonus programme, and a PlayStation Plus subscription is not necessary. By making purchases from the PlayStation Store, winning trophies, or engaging with PlayStation in other ways, you can advance up the tiers and earn points here.

Loyalty points and digital collectibles are the two forms of rewards, according to Sony’s release. “Points can be exchanged for a variety of items from the PlayStation Store, including PSN credit and special digital collectibles. Additionally, PlayStation Plus subscribers who are PlayStation Stars members will automatically accrue points while making purchases from the PlayStation Store.

Participation Bonuses

All users of the PlayStation Stars programme start out with a Gazer Telescope in order to keep things interesting. Digital treasures that reflect items PlayStation fans have grown to love since the PSone era are among the additional prizes.

A scenario with Punto, the gondolier from Ape Escape 2, a PlayStation 3, a PocketStation, Toro and Kuro enjoying a birthday, Chord Machine and Polygon Man, and more are among the first glimpse illustrations.

“Collectibles may be offered in select instances to honour previous participation, accomplishments, or ownership of PlayStation items. They are uncommon, just like the things they are based on or the work needed to obtain them.

PlayStation Stars has drawn criticism for providing consumers with high-level special support as well. However, the user feels that this encourages a needless two-class society. However, Sony also has ambitions to grow the PlayStation Stars initiative.


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