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‘Please turn left into Squirtle Alley’: This real city is every Pokemon fan’s dream

'please turn left into squirtle alley': this real city is

This is how we would like the signs for German Pokemon streets to be.

With typical German street names like “Am Kirchberg”, “Brunnengasse” or “Klingenweg” probably none of you feel connected from the bottom of your heart. But how about living in Schiggy Gasse or Pummeluff Platz? This is – at least in theory – actually possible in the future, because these street names actually exist, at least in English. But if you want to get such a chic address, you will unfortunately have to emigrate to the USA.

This is where the dream district of all Pokemon fans is being created

Henderson, a municipality in Nevada, is likely to attract Pokemon fans looking for a place to live in the future. The neighborhood that makes fan dreams come true is called Serenity Place. It’s still under construction, but it’s already a fact that the streets here will all be named after pocket monsters.


The future residents will live, for example, in Squirtle Lane, Snorlax Lane or Jigglypuff Place, i.e. translated into German as Schiggy Gasse, Relaxo Weg or Pummeluff Platz (via

How did this creative naming come about? Now you may be wondering if real Pokemon fans are responsible for the city development here. In fact, there are practical reasons behind it. The Las Vegas area is currently experiencing a construction boom that is making it difficult to find street names, Polygon construction manager Andrea Miller is quoted as saying.

In order to get approval for a name, those responsible must submit two name suggestions per street. Then, among other things, it is checked whether there are already other streets with the same name. This is probably an exclusion criterion, but the naming after video game monsters is obviously not.


Therefore, it is of course clever to make more unusual suggestions from the outset. In addition, it is easy to imagine that the pocket monster streets will attract new residents. There is also a bit of truth in the assumption that Pokemon fans could be behind the unusual idea. Namely, the inspiration came from Miller’s sons, who fell in love with the Mons.

Well, how about you: What would the Pokemon street of your dreams be called? And are you already considering emigrating to Nevada?

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