Pobelter’s crack against the solo queue: “I feel miserable”

Despite not having a team since early 2021, Eugene Park «Pobelter» remains committed to League of Legends. The professional player continues to play ranked games assiduously, but it is increasingly difficult to continue no matter how much he is in Challenger. Recently the medium has complained on Twitter about the state of just queue and it has been forceful: «I feel miserable most of the time». In addition, other players and former professional players have shown the same complaint as him.

Pobelter does not care to be in Challenger or get 1200 points, since it ensures that currently in just queue “The games are pure shit.” «I think the worst problems are the toxic players and the blatant amount of griefers Y wintraders«, has expressed the medium through from twitter. For the former CLG player, one of the main problems is that players give up easily after three minutes if they fall behind and then start insulting and losing on purpose.

Pobelter considers alarming «the existence of betting sites where people can bet on the result of any professional player or streamer«. The media points out that the ecosystem has known about the situation for more than a year and attacks Riot Games: «It’s like Riot doesn’t care at all and every year it gets worse«. Due to this situation, the player assures that he is accepting little by little that the just queue he is dead as I knew him. In addition, he has also pointed out that he does not want to play “therapist” in each game.

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Other ex-professional players like Samson Jackson «Lourlo“, currently streamer, applauded Pobelter’s words. «100%, the just queue is in its worst state after 12 years playing this game“, the top has affirmed. However, as other players like Immortals top Mo Kaddoura “Revenge” point out, the problem also lies in the lack of solid solutions. “It sucks because the Champions Queue does not prosper and now neither just queue”, has secured Revenge. The complaints arrive less than a month after the start of the World’swhich six years later will be played again in North America.

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