Pokemon Artist Shows Off 3 Delphox-Inspired Alternate Forms

pokemon artist shows off 3 delphox inspired alternate forms

Tom Henry

Pokemon Artist Shows Off 3 Delphox-Inspired Alternate Forms

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From Reddit we get an interesting message for fans of Pokemon. Specifically, we are talking about a fan-art inspired by a shape with a different type than usual.

It is not the first time that ideas or fan-arts of this style and inspired in ways other than the usual ones or evolutions are shared by the players of the franchise, having obtained a fantastic concept in this case.

In the post that you have below, we can see how a fan under the name of JJonnie has created a spectacular fan-art that imagines a total of 3 different forms inspired by Delphox, the well-known starter Pokemon of Fire belonging to the 6th generation. These are characterized by having the Poison, Dragon and Electric types instead of their usual Psychic type. The result is undoubtedly surprising. You can see the full post at this link.

In the picture you can see the Pokemon with the scary aspect but at the same time with a concept and appearance that differs from Delphox in all cases shown. This one has other details such as the white fur on its back or the red claws.

Here you can check it:

I drew witch sister forms of Delphox! What would their abilities be?
by u/JJonnie in pokemon

What do you think? Do you think that a different desEsports Extrasor a different idea than the one shown could have turned out better? What is your favourite? Do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments.


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