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Pokemon Crimson/Crimson: Catch Admurai – The perfect counters for the raid

How to defeat and catch Admurai in Pokemon Crimson.

How to defeat and catch Admurai in Pokemon Crimson.

In Pokemon Crimson you have the chance again for a short time to snag an extra strong Pokemon that you cannot get outside of the raid. This time, the Admurai is the highest evolution level of the starter Pokemon Ottaro. We’ll give you some tips on how to get through the fight.

All information about the Admurai raid

  • Pokemon: Admurai with Titan mark
  • Tera type: Beetle
  • levels: 100 (7 Star Raid)
  • Event period: From the March 31, 2023 to April 3 and April 7, 2023 to April 10from 02:00 a.m. to 01:59 a.m. German time

That makes Admurai special: The Raid is the only way to grab Ottaro’s evolution in Crimson and Crimson. The Water-type Pokemon is particularly good on offense, as it has high Attack and Special Attack stats.

Here you will find an overview of all current and upcoming raid events in crimson and crimson:


Catch Admurai: Moveset and the best counters

It is not yet known which attacks Admurai will have, but we will add them after the raid has started.

The best tactics against Admurai: Due to its Tera-Type Beetle, the Pokemon is particularly vulnerable to flight, rock and Fire. However, the last two types are also vulnerable to Admurai’s water-type attacks. Also, there’s a good chance Admurai knows Energy Focus, which would greatly increase his critical hit rate. Accordingly, these counters are currently our recommendations:

  • Kramor: If your Kramor has the mirror armor hidden ability, you don’t have to worry about energy focus as you simply reflect the effect back. It’s also resistant to bug-type attacks and can deal a fair amount of damage with flying-type attacks like Drill Beak.
  • wind surge: The Water/Dragon Pokemon not only has very good stats, but can also do some serious damage with Flamethrower and Sunny Day. At the same time, it is resistant to water attacks.
  • azumarill: As a Water/Fairy-type Pokemon, it is resistant to Bugs and Water. If you have trained it through breeding Belly Drum and if it has the Powerhulk ability, it is an extremely strong attacker. The only downside is that its Spring Spring flight attack only has an accuracy of 85%. If it has the tera type flight, you can switch to tera burst after tera crystallization.

This is how you start the Tera Raid

To start 7 Star Raids, you must have completed the three paths of the Pokemon Crimson main story, defeated all Gym Leaders a second time, and won the Academy Tournament. After that, you’ll participate in 5 Star Raids until you receive a call that unlocks 6 and 7 Star Raids.

In addition, of course, you need an internet connection, because you first have to receive the PokéPortal news that starts the event. If you want to use online co-op, you also need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.


Do you have any other tips and builds for the Admurai Raid?