Pokemon Crimson & Crimson: Catch Brigaron – attacks and the best counters for the raid

pokemon crimson & crimson: catch brigaron attacks and the

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Pokemon Crimson & Crimson: Catch Brigaron – attacks and the best counters for the raid

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This is how you grab Brigaron in the raid event.

There’s a new Tera Raid event in Pokemon Crimson that gives you a chance at a starter you can’t catch anywhere else in the game. This time you compete in the 7 star raid against Brigaron, the highest development level of the Gen 6 starter Igamaro. You can find out what you need to know about attacks, the perfect counterattack and more for the fight here.

All information about the 7 star raid with Brigaron

  • Pokemon: Brigaron with Titan marks
  • Tera type: rock
  • levels: 100 (7 Star Raid)
  • Event period: June 16, 2023, 2 a.m. to June 19, 20231:59 p.m

An overview of all current and upcoming raid events in Crimson and Crimson can be found here:

Catch Brigaron: Moveset and perfect counters

The raid has now started and Brigaron’s attacks are known (via Bisafans):

  • earthquake
  • hammer arm
  • stone edge
  • mallet
  • iron defense
  • show off
  • curse

The best tactic against Brigaron: Fighting and Grass-type attacks are the most effective. Brigaron is also vulnerable to Ground, Steel, and Water, but Pokemon of this type are vulnerable to Brigaron’s Grass and Fighting-type moves. Since his physical defense is also significantly higher than his special defense, special attackers are recommended.


This is monetigo.

This is monetigo.

  • moveset: gold rush, schemer, metal sound, reflector

Monetigo is immune to combat attacks and is also an extremely strong special attacker. It can defend its team against Brigaron’s physical attacks with Reflector, increase its stats and decrease Brigaron’s with Nasty and Metal Sound. It can only use its Gold Rush special attack five times, but it does a lot of damage with it.


This is epitaff.

This is epitaff.

  • moveset: Draining Slash, Showman, Melee

Although Epitaff has the disadvantage of being a physical attacker, it has proven itself as a secret weapon in Tera Raids. Because of his hidden ability “Will to Win”, his Attack increases by two levels every time one of his stats is lowered – Brigaron should also have such a move. Draining Slash and Melee are its strongest attack moves, especially when it’s the Fighting teratype.

Do you have any tips for fighting Brigaron?

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