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Pokemon Crimson & Crimson: Nintendo apologizes and releases patch

Admittedly, the opinions differ greatly, at least in one thing all the games are different Pokemon Crimson & Crimson but some: Technically, a more rounded package should have been delivered. Nintendo has also seen that, which is why not only a patch was released today, but also a statement was published.

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The patch kicks off the first season of ranked battles, but also fixes a bug that prevented music from playing during the final battles. Other unspecified bugs have also been fixed. The patch will be released later today.

Additionally, Nintendo confirms that they are aware of the reports of the games’ poor performance. The company always wants to ensure a positive experience, so we apologize for the inconvenience. The feedback from the players is taken seriously, which is why improvements are already being made.

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Pokemon Crimson & Crimson are exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

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