Pokemon Crimson/Crimson: The perfect counters for the Wind Surge raid

These are the best strategies for the Windswell raid.

These are the best strategies for the Windswell raid.

In Pokemon Crimson/Crimson there is a new raid event that gives you two completely new Paradox Pokemon. If you own the Crimson Edition, Wind Surge gives you a chance at a Paradox form of the legendary Pokemon Suidune. We explain here which moveset Windewell brings with it and what the best strategies are.

All information about the Tera Raid with wind surge

  • Pokemon: Wind Surge (Type: Water/Dragon, Tera-Type: Water)
  • raid level: 5 Stars
  • Raid period: February 27 at 4:00 p.m. to March 13 at 12:59 a.m

Here you will find all information about current and upcoming Tera Raids:

Catch Wind Surge: Moveset, Best Strategies and Counterattacks

The event is a 5-star raid, so Windsurge is at level 75. Its special attacks deal Water, Dragon, and Fire-type damage. If it uses Sunny Day, its Hydro Vapor attack is also increased by 50%.

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This is his moveset in the raid (via bisafans):

  • hydro steam
  • dragon pulse
  • battle roar
  • flamethrower
  • sunny day

The best tactic against wind surge: Which tactics you use depends, as always, on whether you are fighting the raid alone, with friends or strangers. Wind Surge is normally vulnerable to Dragon and Fairy, but its Tera-type Water makes it weak to Grass and Electric.

  • Wampitz: Wampitz has already proven to be an all-rounder in past raids. With Acid Spit it lowers the opponent’s special defense and with Parabolic Charge (can only be learned through Breeding!) it deals electric damage and heals itself.
  • slippers: Sluggish is vulnerable to Dragon, but can take advantage of Sunny Day. With Light Shield, it halves the damage of Windewoge’s special attacks. If the opponent uses Sunny Day, it can increase its Attack twice as fast with Growth and use Solar Beam without charging. It also heals itself with Esports Extras sucker.
  • Miraidon: Miraidon also uses special attacks. With Metal Sound, it lowers Wind Surge’s defenses and deals damage with Lightning Dash. It can also heal itself with Parabolic Charge. However, it is weak against dragon attacks.
  • iron hand: This Pokemon is particularly good for solo battles. With Belly Drum, it drains 50% of its HP and increases its Attack to level 6. Then it deals damage with Thunder Clap and can heal itself with Draining Slash if needed.

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Requirements for the raid

Unlock 5 Star Raids: Before you can catch the new Paradox Pokemon, you need access to 5 Star Raids. You only get it once you have completed the three paths of the main story in the game. After the credits roll, 5 Star Raids will be unlocked automatically.

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In order to activate the raid, you must also receive the news about the raid via the PokéPortal, for this you need an internet connection. After that you can find the raid in the game world.

Can only be caught once: As with other exclusive raids, Eisenblatt can only be caught once per save. If you miss the raid this time, you should have a chance to try again later. Wind Surge and Eisenblatt appear again later in raid events.

Do you have any other tips and tricks for the raid event?