Pokemon Crimson is giving you free bonuses with a new code for a short time

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Pokemon Crimson is giving you free bonuses with a new code for a short time

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A new Crimson and Crimson Mystery Gift code is available.

Pokemon Crimson and Crimson regularly gives you new items, Pokemon and more via the so-called Mystery Gift Codes. Although they are extremely useful, they are often only available for a limited time. It’s the same with the latest code, which you can use to secure some TMs for your game.

You can currently get this via secret gift codes:

  • TM028 – Steamroller
  • TM086 – Stone Hail

You have to enter this secret gift code:

How long is the code valid? Until June 30th at 16:59 German time. So you have about three weeks to grab the items.

For an overview of all currently valid secret gift codes for Pokemon Crimson and Crimson you will find it here:

Those are the TMs: Rock Hail is a Rock-type physical attack. With a power of 75, not only does she deal good damage, she also has a 30 percent chance of flinching the opponent. Steamroller, on the other hand, is a Ground-type physical attack. Although she only has a power of 60, she also damages all targets and lowers their Speed.

You can also find out more about Pokemon Crimson and Crimson here:

How to redeem Mystery Gifts in Pokemon Crimson/Crimson

If you want to secure the secret gifts in crimson and purple, you have to proceed as follows:

  1. Opens the menu (X button)
  2. Go to the PokéPortal tab
  3. Choose Mystery Gift
  4. Select receive gift
  5. Received by serial code (in this case so PLAYDOUBLE input)

Incidentally, you do not need the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service for the secret gifts, but you must connect your Switch to the internet to receive bonuses. In addition, the function must first be unlocked in the game, but this happens very early on.

Do you still regularly get Mystery Gifts for Pokemon Crimson and Crimson?

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