Pokemon Crimson is now giving you new free bonuses via code

Tom Henry

A new Crimson and Crimson Mystery Gift code is available.

In Pokemon Crimson and Crimson there are once again free items to be dusted off. The game regularly distributes secret gift codes to you, which you then only have to redeem to get useful items or Pokemon. However, they are often only valid for a short time. This time you can get Tera Pieces.

This is what you get with the current secret gift code:

  • 50x Tera Chunks of Battle type

You have to enter this secret gift code:

How long is the code valid? Until June 31st at 16:59 German time. So you have about three weeks to secure the Tera pieces.

Want to redeem more Mystery Gift Codes? In our overview we have compiled all currently valid codes for Pokemon Crimson and Crimson for you:

What are tera pieces good for? This new item for Crimson and Crimson lets you change a Pokemon’s Tera type. You need 50 pieces for each type change. You then redeem this in the “Treasury” restaurant in Mesclarra and get a dish that changes the Tera type of a Pokemon.

How to redeem Mystery Gift Codes in Pokemon Crimson/Crimson

If you want to secure the secret gifts in the game, you have to follow a few steps:

  1. Opens the in-game menu (X button)
  2. Go to the PokéPortal tab
  3. Choose Mystery Gift
  4. Select receive gift
  5. Selects received by serial code (in this case so TERATYPECHANGE input)

Incidentally, you do not need the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service for the secret gifts. However, your switch must at least be connected to the internet so that you can receive the bonuses. The function must also be activated in the game, but this happens very early on.

Do you still regularly get Mystery Gifts for Pokemon Crimson and Crimson?

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