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Pokemon Crimson reveals 2 new Pokemon that are only available in one edition

Crimanzo (left) and Azugladis (right) are among the Crimson and Crimson exclusive Pokemon.

Crimanzo (left) and Azugladis (right) are among the Crimson and Crimson exclusive Pokemon.

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Pokemon Crimson and Crimson got a new trailer and also showed some new Pokemon. Also included are Crimanzo and Azugladis, each of which will only be available exclusively for Crimson or Crimson. So we finally know several Pokemon that we can only get in one of the editions.

All Crimson and Crimson Edition-Specific Pokemon known so far can also be found further down the list.

These are Crimanzo and Azugladis

Crimanzo: The Fire Psychic Pokemon specializes in high defense and firepower. Among other things, it can learn the special attack Armor Cannon, which deals a lot of damage but also lowers Crimanzo’s Defense and Special Defense.

Azugladis: The fire spirit Pokemon does not shy away from sneak attacks and relies on melee attacks and speed. Among other things, it can learn the Repentance Sword attack, which gives it half the damage dealt as HP.

Here you can also watch the two new Pokemon in the trailer:

Pokemon Crimson - New trailer introduces the three main paths of the story


Pokemon Crimson – New trailer introduces the three main paths of the story

These are the previously known exclusive Pokemon

A notice: The list of Pokemon, which are only available in one of the two editions, is still very manageable. However, we will update this list accordingly as soon as new Pokemon are known. So check back regularly if your edition decision depends on the exclusive Pokemon.

These Pokemon are only found in Crimson

  • Crimanzo
  • Koraidon (Legendary Pokemon)

These Pokemon only come in purple

  • Azugladis
  • Miraidon (Legendary Pokemon)

You can also find a complete list of the already known Pokemon of the Paldea Pokedex here:

All Pokemon confirmed so far in Gen 9


Pokemon Crimson/Crimson Pokedex

All Pokemon confirmed so far in Gen 9

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How else do crimson and purple differ?

Similar to previous editions, crimson and purple differ in several details. In addition to the edition-specific Pokemon, there are also various Pokemon academies, including uniforms, and the professor we meet changes. We have listed all known differences between the editions in a separate article.

Pokemon Crimson and Crimson will be released on November 18, 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

Have you already decided on one of the editions?

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