Pokemon Day: Pokemon Scarlet and Purple presents its DLC The hidden treasure of Area Zero

The Pokemon Presents on the occasion of Pokemon Day has just ended, in addition to leaving us some curious news such as Pokemon Sleep or the Pokemon Concierge series for Netflix, we were all looking forward to an important announcement about a new installment or about a DLC of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. Well, we’ve had at least one of them.

The Scarlet and Purple DLC is called The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, and it will be a two-part adventure. The first one is called The Teal Mask (the teal mask) and will be released in the fall of this year. In it we will be able to continue our original game by visiting the land of Kitakami as part of an Academy study trip beyond the Paldea region.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

The second part will arrive a little later, in winter (which can mean the beginning of 2024) and will be called The Indigo Disk (the indigo disk). In it we will follow the events of The Teal Mask and we will be exchange students at the new Arándano Academy.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

In both parts we will have the opportunity to capture Pokemon from other generations that were not in the base game, such as Shiftry, Ninetales, Dewgong or Milotic. In addition, in this DLC we will see the two new Legendary Pokemon of Scarlet and Purple, which will have an important weight in the history of the expansion, and which are Ogrepon and Terapogos. At the moment no more details are known about them, although from the images of the presentation it seems that they will be Plant Type and Water Type, although we cannot confirm it at the moment.

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Finally, the DLC reservation will offer new uniforms for our character and codes to get objects and Pokemon in the game.