Pokemon fan wants to save his beloved Charizard from 15 years ago – and spends 315 euros for it

pokemon fan wants to save his beloved charizard from 15

Tom Henry

Pokemon fan wants to save his beloved Charizard from 15 years ago – and spends 315 euros for it

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We associate very special memories with some Pokemon and they are also valuable to us.

Pokemon can really grow on you. Just like the fan and Redditor Roxaschao, who had to leave a Charizard on the Gamecube 15 years ago. But because he associates so many pleasant memories with it, he wanted to bring it back. That turned out to be more difficult and more expensive than expected, but that didn’t stop him from doing it anyway.

Pokemon fan travels heaven and earth to get his old Charizard from the Gamecube to the Switch

That’s what it’s about: With the help of Pokemon HOME, thanks to an update, fans can finally transfer their pocket monsters to the Crimson and Crimson Editions. However, the Pokemon must first find their way into a Pokemon HOME box, which is subject to conditions. Not every edition is compatible.

Particularly tricky situation: A Pokemon fan wanted to transfer his beloved Charizard from childhood. After all, he had played through the Fire Red Edition on the Gameboy Advance with this Charizard more than 15 years ago. The problem with this: The Pokemon was transferred to the Gamecube and Pokemon Colosseum at the time. It was stuck there now.

Because the Pokemon player associates so many memories with exactly this pocket monster, he naturally wanted to have this specimen as well. Otherwise he could of course have replaced it with any other Charizard from another Pokemon part – it just wouldn’t have been his Charizard from back then.

This is how he did it: Redditor Roxaschao estimates that he spent a total of around $340 to salvage his Charizard from 15 years ago. Namely, he had to buy a Gameboy Advance, a DS Lite, a 2DS and several Pokemon titles in order to complete the promotion.

First, the Charizard was transferred from Pokemon Colloseum on the Gamecube to the new Ruby Edition on the GB Advance, which was also newly purchased, using a newly purchased link cable. From there it went on through Gen 3 and Gen 4 to Gen 5. From there the Charizard could then be transferred to Pokemon HOME.

Now they are reunited:

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In retrospect, Roxaschao explains that he could have had it easier. So not only by securing a Charizard in Sword and Shield, but also the transfer of his own Charizard from the distant past would probably have been much easier and, above all, cheaper: With hacks, emulators or a specially tailored operating system. Nevertheless, the Pokemon fan explains: “I have no regrets”.

Do you still have your very old Pokemon from before? If so, which ones and what did you do for them?

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