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Pokemon GO: 10 tips to prepare for the worldwide Hoenn tour

The Pokemon GO Hoenn Global Tour is the big event at the end of February. You can start preparing now.

This is the worldwide Hoenn tour: This weekend is the local Hoenn tour in Las Vegas, but the rest of the world is already on next weekend.


The Hoenn Global Tour will take place on February 25th and 26th, 2023 and will bring content around the 3rd generation monsters, the proto-forms of Kyogre and Groudon, a special research and more.

An overview of all contents of the worldwide Hoenn tour can be found here.

There is now just under a week until the event starts. How to prepare We collect a few tips.


Tips to prepare for the worldwide Hoenn Tour in Pokemon GO

1. Complete “Proto-Rumble” research, choose Ruby or Sapphire

In the run-up to the Hoenn tour, the special research “proto-rumble” starts, which you can currently call up in the game. At the end you will get a ticket for the event bonuses of the Hoenn Tour.

You also have to choose a team at the end – Ruby or Sapphire. This mainly affects the fact that you do research tasks for your teams during the worldwide Hoenn tour and can thus influence spawns and the raid distribution of Groudon and Kyogre.

You can find out more about the Proto-Rumble Special Research here.


2. Save enough Raid Passes

One of the highlights of the Hoenn tour is the proto-forms of Kyogre and Groudon. Both are available in so-called “proto-raids” during the worldwide Hoenn tour.

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However, these only give you the basic forms of the two, plus “proto-energy” for performing protomorphosis. So be sure to complete enough raids to gather enough Energy while Kyogre and Groudon are available over the weekend – because who knows when they’ll be back.

Pokemon GO Proto Kyogre Groudon

If you still have raid passes in reserve, you should use them. There is currently also a “Super Raid Box” in the shop with 10 Raid Passes, which is a little cheaper than if you buy them individually.

Consider: As part of the “Proto-Rumble” event ahead of the Hoenn global tour, Rayquaza is also making a return – another very exciting raid boss. A raid is also worthwhile here.

3. Prepare your raid teams

The raid bosses for the Hoenn tour are already known. Rely on monsters of the following types and prepare appropriate teams:

  • Kyogre: Is weak against Grass and Electric.
  • groudon: Is weak to Water, Grass and Ice.
  • Deoxys: Weak to Bug, Ghost, Dark.

You can find the best attackers by type in Pokemon GO here.

4. Make room – in the Collection and for Event Eggs

In the collection: If you want to consistently hunt down missing Generation 3 monsters during the Hoenn Tour weekend, you should make room in your Pokemon collection beforehand. Send monsters you no longer need so you don’t suddenly have to waste time sorting them out over the weekend.


For example, use the “filter function” to quickly identify weaker monsters by entering the search terms “0*, 1*, 2*” in the overview. This will show you all monsters that don’t have at least three stars.

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For the eggs: During the Hoenn tour, there will be the 3rd generation regional monsters in the 10km eggs, which is also where you have a chance to get a Shiny.

Pokemon GO Qurtel Tropius Relicanth Shiny

But if you don’t have room for the eggs, you won’t get them. So run a few more kilometers this week to hatch eggs and make room.

5. Collect the most important items in the bag

Depending on how you want to play, you should prepare a number of items or at least not spend them in advance. The most important items:

  • Raid passes for the battles against the proto-forms
  • Top revives and potions to fuel your battle teams
  • Golden Raspberries for catching the raid bosses
  • Silver pinap berries for easier catching and extra candies
  • Pineapple berries for extra candies
  • Smoke when you are out and want to catch
  • Lure Modules if you are playing in a stationary location
  • Balls: It’s best to save a lot of Hyper Balls if you want to catch a lot of Pokemon

6. Use the Proto-Rumble event

In the run-up to the Hoenn Tour, the Proto-Rumble event will have field research tasks to help you prepare for the Tour weekend. It’s still unclear what this will be about – but you should at least have it on the screen.

Outside the game

Not only in the game itself, but also outside of it you can take a few precautions.

7. Plan your tour – if in doubt in the city

Do you live in the country or in an area without many stops? Then you should consider whether a city trip to the Hoenn Tour is worthwhile for you. Because if you want to participate in several raids on site to secure the proto forms, it is worth having numerous arenas in the area as well.

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In addition, the proto-forms could be difficult to beat similar to the mega-raids. If you’re playing in a place where there are more groups, they can help you complete raids more successfully and efficiently.

8. Charge your gadgets

If you plan to be out and about all day, you should pay attention to your batteries – in your smartphone, but also in gadgets like the GO Plus and the like.


A charged power bank in particular can be worth a lot at the event if you are planning longer trips. Then you don’t run the risk of your battery going flat during the GO Tour.

9. Coordinate for raids

If you know other Pokemon GO friends or groups, it’s best to discuss early on whether you want to do a few laps together. The Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon raids will be tricky to master – help is needed.

10. Come back here for the event

MeinMMO will accompany the worldwide Hoenn tour with a ticker on the event weekend. Keep checking back here throughout the week for up-to-date information – if there is anything new about the Hoenn tour, we will keep you up to date at MeinMMO.


Do you have any other tips for preparing? Tell us in the comments!