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Pokemon GO: All content of the 1-euro ticket to the Community Day Classic with Squeak

pokemon go: all content of the 1 euro ticket to the

For the Community Day Classic with Quiekel in April 2023 there is a special research in the shop that costs one euro. We summarize the content of the ticket for Pokemon GO here.

What is this ticket? On Saturday, April 29, 2023, the Community Day Classic with Quiekel runs from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The catch can be worthwhile, because his development Mamutel is one of the best attackers in Pokemon GO.


As usual, the shop brings a special research to match the event, for which you need a ticket. It costs 0.99 euros if you buy it in the shop.

This ticket grants various item rewards and encounters with the Squeak evolution line.

So that you can find out whether the ticket is for you, we have summarized all the tasks and rewards of the special research here.


Ticket to the Community Day Classic with Squeak – All tasks and rewards

Where does the information come from? The event doesn’t start until 2:00 p.m., but in other time zones the Community Day is already underway or has even ended.

Accordingly, the contents are already known. Using LeekDuck’s overview, here’s a summary of what the ticket entails.

You get the following rewards over a total of four research steps:


Research on Squeak – Step 1/4

Task Reward
Make 10 power-ups on Pokemon 20 Squeaky Candy
Catch 15 Squeaks Squeak encounter
Land 5 good throws 15 Pokeballs

Tier Reward: Once you have completed the tasks, you will receive 3,000 stardust, a squeaky encounter and a smoke.

Research on Squeak – Step 2/4

Task Reward
Catch 15 Squeaks Squeak encounter
Send 10 Pokemon 10 pineapple berries
Evolve 3 Squeaks 30 Squeaky Candy

Tier Reward: Upon completing this stage, you will receive 4,500 XP, a Squeaky Encounter, and a Lucky Egg.

Research on Squeak – Step 3/4

Task Reward
Land 3 good curveball throws 15 Super Balls
Develop 1 Keifel 50 Squeaky Candy
Catch 15 Squeaks Squeak encounter

Tier Reward: At the end of the stage there are 4,500 Stardust, an encounter with Keifel and 1 Rocket Radar.


Research on Squeak – Step 4/4

Task Reward
Already done! 2 Silver Pineapple Berries
Already done! Encounter with Quiekel
Already done! 15 Hyper Balls

Tier Reward: Upon completion, you will receive 5,500 XP, an encounter with Mamutel, and 3 Rare Candies.

Is it worth buying the ticket with Quiekel?

If you compare the items contained in the special research with their normal prices in the shop, you can see that they usually cost a little more there.

Here the comparison:

  • Smoke usually costs 40 coins, so about 0.40 euros
  • The lucky egg costs 80 coins, i.e. around 0.80 euros
  • The Rocket Radar in the shop costs 200 coins, so about 2 euros. You can also earn it through rocket battles.

There are also encounters with the Squeak series, as well as items such as balls, berries and special candies. You can also get XP and Stardust.

However, it should also be remembered that you cannot pay for the ticket with earned coins and can only get it with real money. For the items in the shop, on the other hand, you can pay with normal coins.

You also don’t need the extra squeaky rewards like candies and encounters if you play C-Day long enough to collect enough candies. On the other hand, if you don’t have much time, this can be interesting.

In this respect, the ticket is definitely worth it if you were planning to buy items for the game anyway and want to have a few extra tasks done during the event. However, the ticket is not absolutely necessary.


The Community Day Classic almost closes April, and in just a few days the next month will begin. Here we have summarized which events May 2023 will bring to Pokemon GO.