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Pokemon GO: All Raid Hours and Legendary Bosses in May 2023

pokemon go: all raid hours and legendary bosses in may

In May you will meet the legendary bosses Tapu-Toro, Genesect (Lightning Module), Tapu-Kime and RegiEsports Extrass in the Pokemon GO Level 5 Raids. In addition, there are Mega-Altaria and Mega-Pinsir in Mega Raids. We’ll show you here when you can find which boss and what the raid hours in May 2023 will bring.

What are these raids? Each month, various themed events start in Pokemon GO, most of which bring certain bosses into the raids.


In this overview, we show you all the bosses that you will meet in May 2023 in 5-raids and mega-raids. There is also an overview of the raid hours that are active every Wednesday.

Raid hours and raid bosses in May 2023

The following raid hours are active in Pokemon GO in May 2023:

meeting raid boss
May 3rd Genesect (flash module)*
10th of May Kapu Kime*
17th of May Kapu Kime*
May 24th RegiEsports Extrass*
31. May RegiEsports Extrass*
Bosses marked with a star

are marked, you can catch as Shiny


Further down in the article we show you how long which boss is active in Pokemon GO this month and which mega bosses await you.

Raid boss changes and mega raids in May 2023 Date
raid bosses April 17th to May 2nd
Tapu Toro 5 Raids* April 17th to May 2nd
Mega Raids with Mega Sluggish* May 2nd to May 9th
5-raids with Genesect (flash module*) May 2nd to May 11th
Mega Raids with Mega Scizor* May 9th to May 24th
5-raids with Tapu-Kime* May 11th to May 24th
Mega Raids with Mega Pinsir* May 24th to June 1st
5er Raids with RegiEsports Extrass* May 24th to June 1st
Mega Raids with Mega Altaria*

Bosses marked with a star are marked, you can catch as Shiny

What is special?

Mega Pinsir will be the best bug attacker you can use for raids in Pokemon GO for its release.


The return of Mega Altaria is also exciting for some Trainers. The Pokemon was last available from May to June 2022. Now you get another chance to fight and catch the Pokemon. Do you have a favorite in the raids in May 2023? Write us your opinion here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other players.