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Pokemon GO: Alleged change in Crypto-Shinys makes trainers celebrate

The new Rocket event is coming up in Pokemon GO – and with it a change in Shinys. And it is said to remain so in the long term.

What is this event? The new “Let’s GO” event is currently running in Pokemon GO. This event will also herald a new Rocket acquisition this coming Saturday, March 25, 2023, which will run through March 29, 2023.


This rocket event will bring some bonuses again. For example, Giovanni changes his Pokemon, the leaders should also get new monsters and you can also unlearn the frustration attack during this period.

However, another bonus of the announcement just stands out and is well received by trainers.

Crypto Grunts Now Equipped With Shiny Pokemon – But For How Long?

This is the change: In the announcement of the Rocket acquisition, Niantic writes: “With a little luck, the Pokemon you rescue from Team GO Rocket Grunts can even be Shiny Pokemon!” (via


This is an exciting change as previously Shiny Crypto monsters were only available from the Rocket bosses, Giovanni, or special enemies like Jessie and James. The fact that the “normal” Rocket Bullies can now also distribute regular Shinys is new.

What is particularly exciting, however, is that the change is said to not only run for the event. The Pokemon GO YouTuber “TrainerTips” reports in his current video that Niantic has confirmed to him that the change should remain in place after the event. This would make Shiny Cryptos from Rocket Grunts available in the long term.

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TrainerTips talks about the new feature in his video

The account “@PokeProfNet” also reported on Twitter that it had received corresponding information from Niantic (via Twitter). The well-known community website “Pokemon GO Hub” also shared information that it should be a permanent feature (via Twitter).

Why is it still uncertain? In the official announcement by Niantic, the bonus has so far only been officially mentioned in the area of ​​rocket takeovers, so the information should be treated with some caution. However, it looks like the Rocket Grunts could now offer shiny opportunities in the longer term.

The prospect of the possibility is positively received in the community, for example in the subreddit “TheSilphRoad”:

  • “Finally a reason to challenge everyone,” says one user (via reddit).
  • “That would be really cool. I already do a lot of bully fights for the stardust, that would be another incentive “commented another (via reddit): “Now I’m just waiting for Niantic to release the 2nd and 3rd stage Pokemon, without reason are fitted with a shiny lock.”
  • “That’s cool, I love a good shiny hunt. I usually ignore rocket balloons or stops because I already have a shiny crypto metagross and didn’t care about anything else in the leaders. But that opens up so many new opportunities” (via reddit)

This is still unclear: While the bonus itself has been confirmed and a longer period of time at least seems possible, a few points are still unclear. This applies, for example, to which monsters can be shiny when louts send them into battle. Whether all are possible or, for example, only those that were already available as Crypto Shiny from the leaders is still unknown.

Here we have to wait and see – either until official information is available, or at the latest until the start of the event. Then it should quickly become clear what the shiny pool looks like. We will keep you up to date here at MeinMMO.

What do you think of the change? Could the Crypto Shinys motivate you to do some rocket fights? Tell us in the comments!

Otherwise, the Pokemon Meltan is in the foreground during the Let’s GO event – also as Shiny. You can find out how to get Meltan with the Wunderbox here.