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Pokemon GO: best team for the Ultra Ball League | Season 12

new season of Pokemon GO and, as usual, a new challenge in the Ultra Ball League for the most experienced trainers. As detailed in Light Season informationthe GO Battle League returns with some of its most celebrated modalities.

Thus, just as it happened in previous seasons, the Ultra Ball League It will be one of the most recurring competitions of the current stage of Pokemon GO. Therefore, we are going to talk about the best Pokemon to make your team and, in addition, we will also tell you the resistances and weaknesses of each one.

However, before getting into the matter, we remind you of the only requirement to participate in the Ultra Ball League: Pokemon must have less than 2,500 CP (Combat Points) to participate. Therefore, although this eliminates certain powerful options from the game, it presents us with a scenario in which we find up to 14 perfect options to build a great team.

Pokemon GO Ultra Ball League: everything you need to know (best Pokemon, resistances and weaknesses)

Ultra Ball League Celebration Dates

  • First date: September 15 – September 22
  • second date: 22 September – 29 September
  • third date: October 13 – October 20
  • fourth date: November 3 – November 10
  • fifth date: November 10 – November 17

To find out the dates of other tournaments, you can do so through the official Niantic title page.

List of ideal Pokemon for the Ultra Ball League

In total, there are up to 14 perfect Pokemon to face the challenge of the Ultra Ball League in Pokemon GO:

  • Abomasnow (XL)
  • Cresselia
  • Giratina Altered Form
  • Stunfisk Galarian Form (XL)
  • Regirock
  • Registeel (XL)
  • Scrafty (XL)
  • snorlax
  • swampert
  • Talonflame (XL)
  • Tapu Fini
  • Trevenant (XL)
  • walrein

Among these, any combination of 3 is valid to meet the challenge. However, there is one that, due to the balance and the possibilities that it grants, is one of the favorites of the players: Cresselia, swampert Y Registeel. With her, you’ll have a combination of defensive and offensive power that will give any trainer a hard time.

Resistances, weaknesses and best attacks of the ideal Pokemon for the Ultra Ball League

Abomasnow (XL)

  • resistors: Land, Water, Plant and Electric.
  • weaknesses: Fire, Fighting, Flying, Poison, Rock, Bug and Steel.
  • Fast attack: Sharp Blade.
  • charged attack: Meteorball.


  • resistors: Fighting and Psychic.
  • weaknesses: Bug, Ghost and Sinister.
  • Fast attack: Confusion.
  • charged attack: Premonition.

Giratina Modified Form

  • resistors: Poison, Bug, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Normal and Fight.
  • weaknesses: Ghost, Ice, Dragon, Dark and Fairy.
  • Fast attack: Shadow Claw.
  • charged attack: Dragon claw.

Stunfisk Galarian Form (XL)

  • resistors: Normal, Flying, Bug, Steel, Psychic, Dragon, Fairy, Rock, Electric and Poison.
  • weaknesses: Fight, Earth, Fire and Water.
  • Fast attack: Metal claw.
  • charged attack: Earthquake.


  • resistors: Normal, Flying, Poison and Fire.
  • weaknesses: Fight, Earth, Steel, Water and Grass.
  • Fast attack: Rock strike.
  • Attack loaded: Sharp Rock.

Registeel (XL)

  • resistors: Normal, Flying, Rock, Bug, Steel, Grass, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, Fairy and Poison.
  • weaknesses: Fight, Earth and Fire.
  • Fast attack: Metal claw.
  • charged attack: Focus Glow.

Pokemon GO Ultra Ball League

Scrafty (XL)

  • resistors: Psychic, Rock, Ghost and Sinister.
  • weaknesses: Fairy, Fighting and Flying.
  • Fast attack: Counterattack.
  • charged attack: Dirty game.


  • resistors: Ghost.
  • weaknesses: Struggle.
  • Fast attack: Zen header.
  • charged attack: Headbutt (or Hyper Beam).


  • resistors: Electric, Poison, Rock, Steel and Fire.
  • weaknesses: Plant.
  • Fast attack: Water gun.
  • charged attack: Hydro Cannon (via MT Elite) or Earthquake.

Talonflame (XL)

  • resistors: Earth, Fighting, Steel, Fire, Fairy, Bug and Grass.
  • weaknesses: Rock, Water and Electric.
  • Fast attack: Fire Spin.
  • charged attack: Bold Bird.

Tapu Fini

  • resistors: Fight, Bug, Fire, Water, Ice, Dark and Dragon.
  • weaknesses: Poison, Plant and Electric.
  • Fast attack: Water gun.
  • charged attack: Hydro pump.

Trevenant (XL)

  • resistors: Earth, Water, Grass, Electric, Normal and Fight.
  • weaknesses: Flying, Ghost, Fire, Ice and Dark.
  • Fast attack: Shadow Claw.
  • charged attack: Shadow ball.


  • resistors: Ice and Water.
  • weaknesses: Fight, Rock, Plant and Electric.
  • Fast attack: Waterfall.
  • charged attack: Blizzard.

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