Pokemon GO brings new feature “Party Play”: These advantages exist when 4 trainers play together

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pokemon go brings new feature “party play”: these advantages exist

The new “Party Play” feature is being introduced in Pokemon GO. As a group of up to four players, you can complete challenges, collect rewards and use bonuses. We’ll show you all the information.

What is Party Play? Party Play is a new feature where you can form groups of 2 to 4 players. All avatars can then be seen together on the map and there are various challenges that you can complete. There is also a bonus to raid damage.

When is Party Play coming? The new feature starts on October 17th, i.e. tomorrow.

Who can use Party Play? All players with a minimum level of 15. Otherwise there are no restrictions, you don’t even have to be friends in the game to form a party.

The only important thing is that you are close to each other. One must stay close to the group host to keep the party going.

This is what Party Play can look like in action

How does Party Play work? You open the trainer profile where you will find the new “Team” section. There you create your team, share a number or QR code with nearby friends and start. Your teammates can then select “Join” in the team area.

What are the benefits of Party Play in Pokemon GO?

If you play together, you will be able to take advantage of some bonuses that reward your teamwork.

Party power: The new “Party Power” can be activated in the raid and gives you a damage boost on charged attacks. They then cause twice as much damage.

You can use party power in the raid

In a presentation of the feature, developers explained that it would be conceivable to defeat raids that might not be possible or would be difficult to manage given the group size.

According to the developers, this could be particularly helpful in the difficult crypto raids that you always have to complete on site.

Team challenges: As a team, you are given certain challenges that you have to solve together. This is similar to your usual field research, except that you work on it together.

At the end you can also compare who contributed how much to achieving the goal. However, this doesn’t affect the rewards, everyone gets the same ones.

For example, there are rewards such as Poké Balls for simple tasks and Mega Energy for more difficult tasks. Further rewards remain to be seen for now.

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Compete with friends: In general, you can compare values ​​with each other in the “Team tab”. This includes things like Pokemon caught or kilometers run.

Are there more rewards? At the start of the feature there will be special research that will, among other things, bring you Eevee shirts for your avatars.

The feature will be introduced through the release to coincide with the Halloween event. We’ll show you all the content of the Halloween event in Pokemon GO here.

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