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Pokemon GO: Detect stealthy changes in remote raids

pokemon go: detect stealthy changes in remote raids

Nintenderos, you know in recent months within Pokemon GO they have revolved above all around the controversy of the modifications in remote raids.

Well, it seems that Niantic has made some changes to them without warning, have you noticed?

With the new season of Hidden Gems, a series of information was published on the official blog, but only a few people noticed certain details:


Finally, Remote Raids damage has been permanently increased to match in-person Raids (previously a “seasonal bonus” until June 1st, 2023)
by u/TofuVicGaming in TheSilphRoad

At the bottom of the new season notes update, inside the season bonuses sectionNiantic added that the damage dealt by Pokemon that participate remotely will be permanently increased as well as the damage of the Pokemon of those who participate in person.

Certainly the change and the information is somewhat ambiguous, which is why the trainers are really commenting on Reddit the meaning of all this. That’s great news though, as it means there won’t be a downside to participating remotely.

We will be attentive to all the information that arises around this.