Pokemon GO: Events in June 2023 – All dates and bonuses | Discover News

pokemon go: events in june 2023 all dates and

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Pokemon GO: Events in June 2023 – All dates and bonuses | Discover News

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June brings many events to the new season in Pokemon GO. All dates and details can be found here at a glance at MeinMMO.

What does the overview show? Here you can find all the already known events that are planned for Pokemon GO in June 2023. Among other things, limelight and raid hours, but also community days and special events take place.

For some only the names are known, for others details are already known. In this case, we will link corresponding articles.

In any case, the new season “Hidden Gems” will start in Pokemon GO in June 2023. You can see the trailer for it here:

Pokemon GO shows the new season “Hidden Gems” in the trailer

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All events in June 2023 at Pokemon GO at a glance


Date events
From June 1st Research breakthrough with Zobiris*, Tanhel*, Ohrdoch*, Coiffwaff*. Viscora or eF-eM*
June 01 – June 15 Raids with Selfe, Mesprit, Tobutz (depending on region)
June 01 – June 15 Mega Raids with Mega Sumpex*
03 June Research Day “Gold Search”
05 June Crypto raids come into play again
June 06 – June 12 Water Festival: Beach Week
06 June Spotlight Hour with Krabby*, Kabuto*, Crab Corps*, Scampisto*, and Krabbox + Triple Catch EXP
07 June Raid hour with Selfe, Mesprit, Tobutz (depending on the region)
June 10th Community Day (Unknown Pokemon)
From June 10th Tier 5 Crypto Raids featuring Crypto Arktos*, on the weekends
June 13th Spotlight Hour with Bithora* + Double Catch Candy
14th June Raid hour with Selfe, Mesprit, Tobutz (depending on the region)
June 15 – June 29 Anego in 5-star raids
June 15 – June 29 Mega Squad* in Mega Raids
June 16 – June 25 Like day and night + Team GO Rocket takeover
20th June Spotlight Hour with Sonnkern* + double candy when sent
June 21st Raid hour with Anego
June 27th Spotlight Hour with Dodu* + Double XP while evolving
June 28th Raid hour with Anego
June 29 – July 6 Heatran* in 5-star raids
June 29 – July 6 Secret boss in raids

Which events are particularly worthwhile in June 2023?

These can be worthwhile: Most of the events have only been announced by name, but information has already been released on a few that could be exciting.

  • Research Day “Gold Search” (3rd of June): On this day, through limited research, you can encounter the Pokemon Caterpillar, Magikarp Nasgnet, Zobiris, and Loach, whose shiny rate will be increased on this day. So an exciting event for players who are looking for dazzling monsters. In addition, PokéStops can turn into Gold PokéStops without the need for a Gold Lure Module. How to get coins for Greedspecter.
  • Water Festival: Beach Week (06 June – 12 June): Among other things, there will be the debut of the Pokemon Sankabuh, as well as bonuses on strong throws. Then there are extra treats. In addition, the spawns are mixed up properly.
  • Like Day and Night + Team GO Rocket Takeover (June 16 – June 25): The contents are still unknown, but it is clear that Team GO Rocket is starting a takeover. This gives hope that this period of time can be used to “unlearn frustration” and make some of the best crypto attackers really useful.

What other events will be added and where details will be known remains to be seen for the time being.

What is certain, however, is that the new “Hidden Gems” season will determine events in Pokemon GO from June 1st.

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