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Pokemon GO: Field Research in May 2023 – All Shinys and Tasks | Top News

pokemon go: field research in may 2023 all shinys

The new May 2023 field research at Pokemon GO is active. We looked at the tasks and summarized them in an overview graphic. Here you can see all tasks, rewards and the chances of shiny encounters.

What is this research? Spin PokéStop Photo Discs in Pokemon GO to earn Field Research. You can get one research per stop per day. The tasks and rewards that await you change every month. So there are also some adjustments for May.


In the following graphic you can see at a glance which Pokemon you can get from the various tasks.

All field research in May

Where does the data come from? From the website we have collected the information about the field research and translated it for you.

Below you can see the tasks sorted by category. Pokemon that you can also catch as Shiny with luck are marked with three stars on their picture for you.

Pokemon GO Field Research May

Will the research stay the same in May? There will be a number of themed events in Pokemon GO over the next few weeks. The tasks and rewards of field research often change temporarily. These temporary quests are then included in the game events marked. This way you can easily see if this task is only in play for a short time.

You can also find an overview of all events taking place at Pokemon GO in May 2023 here on MeinMMO.

What does the field research bring? You can find an overview of your research in the game by tapping on the binoculars icon at the bottom right and then at the top Field– Select category. You can earn one Research Stamp per day by completing Field Research. If you can do this in seven days, you will receive a research breakthrough that will give you further rewards.

In addition, the research brings you items or the chance of certain (Shiny) Pokemon.