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Pokemon GO: Guide for Community Day with Lichtel in October – All Bonuses and Shinys

In Pokemon GO, Community Day with Lichtel is already in the starting blocks. In addition numerous bonuses await you again. We at MeinMMO have looked at what content the event brings you and how you can best use it for yourself.

What is this event? In Pokemon GO, a so-called Community Day is held once a month, which focuses on a previously determined Pokemon. This then spawns on almost every corner and its shiny chances are also a bit higher at this time. The short event is rounded off by various bonuses.

There will be another event like this in October. Community Day with Lichtel awaits you on Saturday, October 15th. We have summarized all the bonuses that this day will bring you and how you can best use the event below.

Community Day in October 2022 – Start & Bonuses

What? Community Day with Lichtel
When? Saturday, October 15, 2022 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time
Pokemon of the day? lightel
Exclusive attack: Poltergeist if you evolve Laternecto into Skelabra up to 5 hours after the event
– Smoke & Lure Modules last 3 hours
– triple XP when catching Pokemon
– double candies when catching Pokemon
– double chance of XL candies when caught (from trainer level 31)
– 5 surprises in snapshots
– Light stickers from Gifts and PokéStops
– Time-limited research that gives you Unova Stones

More bonuses from 14:00 to 22:00 local time:
– 50% less Stardust cost when trading
– an additional special exchange (total 2 on this day)

The Community Day with Lichtel thus extends over a total of 3 event hours. With the exception of the swap bonuses and the exclusive attack, which are also active for 5 hours after the event, all other bonuses will only be usable during the event period.

Special Raid Battles: As you probably already know from the past Community Days, there will also be special level 4 raids with Lichtel after the C-Day. In it you can compete against Laternecto, the first evolution of Lichtel.

If you defeat the Ghost and Fire Pokemon, you will get more Lightel spawns within a 300 meter radius of the arena for 30 minutes, where the Shiny chance is also increased. However, keep in mind that you can only participate in the raids locally, which is why it is not possible to invite friends from other regions via remote raids.

All event content in the in-game shop: In addition to the free content that Niantic provides you with for the event anyway, you can purchase additional content and items in the in-game shop:

  • Event ticket for the special research “Field Notes: Trick of the Light” on Lichtel for about 1 euro
  • Event sticker with light
Pokemon GO Sticker Lightel
Lichtel sticker for Community Day in October

This is how you can use the Community Day with Lichtel

Make these preparations: Community Day with Lichtel is one of those events that many trainers have been waiting for for some time. That’s why you should make the best use of the event period and not spend it sorting your Pokemon or the item bag.

So it’s best to create enough space in your Pokemon storage before you start. This is very quick if you use the filter functions of Pokemon GO. With the input “0*,1*,2*” you can see all monsters that have a rating of 2 stars or less.

Pokemon Go Filter Pokemon Box
Uses filters for sorting

If you have to sort again during the event, you can add “Age0” to the search function and only see monsters that are not older than 24 hours.

You should also make room in your item bag and stock up on the most important items. We have summarized which ones are useful for you below.

The most important items for the Community Day with Lichtel

Balls: As with every event, you shouldn’t lack enough balls for Community Day. You can’t secure Lichtel without them. If you want to play all day, you should have at least 200 balls in your item bag so that you don’t have to order more right away.

So stock up now. Above all, hyper balls should not be missing in your collection, because Lichtel cannot break out of them so easily.

Here’s how to get balls in Pokemon GO.

Smoke & Lure Modules: Two other important items during Community Day are Smoke and Lure Modules. These will bring you more copies. During the event, they last 3 hours. So it’s enough if you have one with you to cover the event period. If you want to supply several PokéStops with lure modules, you will need more.

Sananberries: Since Lichtel has a strong advancement, which can also learn a new event attack, it is worth collecting as many Lichtel candies as possible. So if you want to improve your stock properly, you should use pineapple berries to catch them.

Use these items for Community Day with Lichtel

Lucky Egg: Since you get triple XP when you catch them during Community Day, it’s worth using Lucky Eggs. For 30 minutes, these double all XP that you collect during this time. For this reason it makes sense to connect a lucky egg to your friendship level advancements.

Most trainers will open their gifts right after the start of the event. But it’s best to talk to them. Also pay attention to the labels of the buddy Pokemon. Some players share when they will open their packs.

Unova Stones: If you want to develop a particularly large number of skeletons, you should also have one or the other Unova stone with you on this day. You need this to run the development. It is best not to sort this item out beforehand.

But you will also have the opportunity to secure some for the event. As Niantic has announced, the coveted development items should be available through the limited research.

In the following article we will tell you how you can also get them and which developments are worthwhile with them:

Pokemon GO: Unova Stone Developments – Which of the 7 monsters are worth it?

Raid Passes, Revives & Potions: After the Community Day, the special Level 4 Raids await you again. These bring you more Lichtel after victory, but can only be played on site. So if you want to secure more copies after the event, it’s worth having one or the other Raid Pass or Premium Battle Pass ready.

And you should also bring a small supply of revives and potions if you want to participate in the raids, so that the best attackers in Pokemon GO are ready for battle again.

We show you a selection of the strongest attackers in the following video:

Pokemon GO: The strongest attackers of all types in the video

These mega developments are worthwhile on C-Day

Why Use Mega Evolutions? One or the other mega development can also be helpful for the Community Day with Lichtel. If you catch Pokemon of the same type, you get additional candies.

Which Mega Evolution should you use? Since Lichtel belongs to the spirit and fire types, you should also use one of these types for your mega development. Thus, the following monsters are available:

  • Mega Charizard X
  • Mega Charizard Y
  • Mega Dogemon
  • Mega Gengar

If you still want to take part in the level 4 raids after the Community Day, you should best rely on Mega Houndemon or Mega Gengar. These are not only ideal for farming candies, but are also effective in the fight against Laternecto. Laternecto is vulnerable to Rock, Dark, Ghost, Water, and Ground attacks.

Since Mega Houndemon is a Fire and Dark type and Mega Gengar is a Ghost and Poison type, you can use them optimally as counterattacks. In addition, they also boost the attacks of all other monsters in the raid. Pay attention to a corresponding dark or ghost move set.

Is the Community Day with Lichtel worth it?

Can you catch Shiny Lichtel? Yes, during Community Day you can meet a dazzling light elf for the first time. Usually, the shiny chance for this event is a bit higher, so it’s a good opportunity to secure a shiny specimen. You can recognize it by the light blue flame.

Lichtel, Laternecto & Skelabra normal (left) and as Shiny (right)

Lichtel is so strong: The ghost and fire Pokemon from the 5th generation of games is not particularly strong itself. And its first further development, Laternecto, cannot really convince with its values ​​either. However, the situation is different with Lichtel’s latest development.

Skelabar convinces with a high attack value and its endurance and defense are solid. With a Fire Whirl and Heat Fever moveset, it’s one of the best Fire Attackers in Pokemon GO.

And as one of the top spirit attackers, Skelabra was already able to convince with its attack combination of burden and spooky ball. With the new event attack Poltergeist, it does even more damage in battle. So far, however, Skelabra has played little role in the GO Battle League (via

Who should use Community Day? The Community Day with Lichtel is particularly interesting for trainers who are looking for a strong attacker for the raids. Here Skelabra is a good candidate that should not be missing in your team.

Additionally, since Lichtel is making its Shiny debut in the game, it’s also a great opportunity to grab a shiny specimen. This means that shiny hunters also get their money’s worth.

The bonuses of the event are also impressive. So you have the chance to farm good candies and on the way to level 50 you can also improve your experience points (EP). On top of that, you can use the free limited-time research to get the coveted Unova Stones you need to evolve Skelabra.

How do you like the content of the C-Day with Lichtel? What preparations will you make before the event starts? And do you also secure the paid special research? Feel free to let us know here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other trainers.

Another big event awaits you in Pokemon GO in October. We will show you all the information and leaks that are already known for the 2022 Halloween event.


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