Pokemon GO has a cheap new box in the shop – trainers joke: “Be a traitor, half price”

In Pokemon GO there is a new box in the shop. This allows you to change teams more cheaply and get some items.

What is this box? When you open the shop in Pokemon GO, you will find the “Special Box” there. It costs 550 coins and contains various items. The most exciting part: A team medallion.

The box contains a total of:

  • 1 team medallion
  • 5 smoke
  • 5 Lucky Eggs
  • 50 Pokeballs
Pokemon GO special box
This is the new special box in Pokemon GO

If you calculate this against the normal prices, the box is noticeably worth it:

  • 1 team medallion alone costs 1000 coins
  • For 5 smokes you would have to put down 200 coins (although there is also a bundle with 8 smokes for 250 coins)
  • 5 lucky eggs would cost 400 coins (although there is also a bundle with 8 eggs for 500 coins)
  • 50 Poké Balls would cost around 200-300 coins

So, for the price of 550 coins, the box is definitely worth it – especially for players who might be planning to switch teams in Pokemon GO.

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If you want to change your team in Pokemon GO, you should use the box

How to change teams in Pokemon GO? At the beginning of Pokemon GO you join a team – Daring (Red), Wisdom (Blue) or Intuition (Yellow). If you want to change your team, you have to buy such a team medallion.

That’s pretty expensive at 1,000 coins, and you have to be sure of yourself – because you can only use one team medallion per year. If you change your team, you can only change teams again 365 days later.

Nevertheless: If you plan to change your team, you should use the box for this. The option is cheaper and adds a few items on top.

Here’s how coaches react: In the community, the box itself is initially well received, since the offer is good. Some also consider changing their team. Others, however, strongly disagree.

  • “Bruh. Be a traitor, half price lol” writes user “krispyboiz” (via reddit).
  • “Great deal if you want to switch teams, but who wants that at this point?” (via reddit).
  • “I’m thinking about it. There are too many Wisdom players in my area and changing teams would mean more coins from arenas” (via reddit).
  • “Team Medallion, because 65% of the player base in Team Wisdom just isn’t enough,” writes another (via reddit).
  • “That’s why you should switch to daring, then you can actually get arena time and solve all arena-related tasks” (via reddit).
  • “100% instinct is the way. I enjoy capturing all the arenas. Also, when I meet others, it connects because it’s rarer than daring and wisdom” (via reddit).

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However, some coaches also make it clear that they simply want to remain loyal to their team and not swap. By the way: There are also players who choose neither team – and instead rely on “Team Harmony”.

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In the end, you should think carefully about whether you want to change your team in Pokemon GO at all. But for example in areas where you can never take an arena because it is always occupied by your own team anyway and there are no fights at all, it could be worth it.

In general, there is a lot going on in Pokemon GO. After the Hoenn tour heralded the end of the 9th season at the weekend, the next season is now about to start. It’s themed “Rising Heroes” and also seems to focus a bit on the different teams.

If you are looking for detailed information about the season: Here you will find an overview of the new season “Rising Heroes” in Pokemon GO.