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Pokemon GO: “Masterwork Research: Fulfilled Wish” with Jirachi to the Hoenn Tour – All Tasks & Rewards

In Pokemon GO, you can now earn a special Special Research to celebrate the Hoenn Global Tour, which will bring you an encounter with Shiny-Jirachi. We at MeinMMO will show you all the content and tell you how to get the research.

What is this research? On February 25th and 26th, the big worldwide Hoenn Tour will take place in Pokemon GO. As in previous years, there will again be special research in 2023, which you can purchase in the in-game shop.


In addition to lots of items and candies, this finally gives you a mysterious Pokemon from the Hoenn region: Jirachi. For the first time, you can guarantee that you can secure the Steel and Psycho-type Desire Pokemon in its dazzling form.

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Depending on which path you choose, more cool encounters await you. We have summarized all the contents of the special research for you below.


Masterwork Research GO Tour: Hoenn 1/6

Task Reward
Catch 385 Pokemon originally discovered in the Kanto region 385 XP
Catch 385 Pokemon originally discovered in the Kanto region 385 XP
Catch 385 Pokemon originally discovered in the Kanto region 385 XP
Earn the gold Hoenn medal 30 Hyper Balls

Tier Reward: If you have solved all the tasks on this board and collected the rewards, you will also receive 10 candies for Kyogre, 10 candies for Groudon and 10 candies for Rayquaza.

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Masterwork Research GO Tour: Hoenn Parts 2 to 6

According to current information, the research on Jirachi includes 5 more pages in addition to the first panel. What tasks and rewards await you on these is not known at this point in time, as the quests are very extensive. The shortened research of the Hoenn Tour in Las Vegas already gave a first glimpse of how long it will be to get Jirachi.

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As soon as we have more information about the content of Masterwork research, we will add it to this article for you.

How do you get the research? If you want to secure the “Masterwork Research: Fulfilled Wish” for Shiny-Jirachi, you can buy it in the in-game shop for 5.99 euros. Here you can find the research under the category “Global Events”. It can be purchased in the shop until March 20, 2023 at 6 p.m. German time. As usual, you then have unlimited time to solve the research.


Anyone who bought a ticket for the live event for the Hoenn tour in Las Vegas already got access to a shortened version of the research. Another purchase is then not possible.

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