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Pokemon GO: Niantic responds to what happened with Wayfarer

pokemon go: niantic responds to what happened with wayfarer

In recent weeks we have had different news from Pokemon GO in relation to Wayfarer.

As you already know, the company has been sending bans to some Pokemon Go users for a month and the reason has been because of Wayfarer, that is, because the proposed bans do not meet the requirements.. But nothing else. That is why users set social networks on fire, since there has been no further explanation in this regard.

In the Niantic Labs forum, a user has received a response from Niantic when he asked for clarification on the matter. Niantic has responded by ensuring that each suspension is made after an investigation, which is never automatically banned. In fact, the team’s elimination of proposals does not automatically initiate disciplinary action.


Therefore, those people who have been banned are for clear violations of the rules included in the Terms of Service. He says it may be due to including repeated low-quality proposals, sending false information, or even trying to influence proposal reviewers.

This is what Niantic has alleged in the forum responses, to leave a clearer and more concise explanation of what is happening. Although users in the comments are still unhappy with everything that is happening.


Tell us Nintenderos, have you had the bad luck of being suspended by Wayfarer?

We remind you that here you have the active codes.


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