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Pokemon GO: Players ask for changes in Dark Raids

pokemon go: players ask for changes in dark raids

The dark raids pokemon go They have provoked all kinds of reactions since they were presented in May 2023.

The app has been very busy with its new music video, details of Pokemon GO Fest 2023, and recent attendance records. But while some have legal problems in the parks, other players are urgently asking for changes in Pokemon GO Dark Raids.


Pokemon GO: Fans ask for changes to the dark raids

For those who are not familiar, the dark raids pokemon go they are another way to get dark variants. These are Raids like the regular ones that take place in Gyms, but this time they are commanded by Team GO Rocket and their corrupted Pokemon.

In order to add a new layer of difficulty, the dark raids they are usually more difficult than regular Raids. It is not for less, since the dark Pokemon have a damage boost that can help you in the competitive of Pokemon GO.

But fans have complained about this feature, asking Niantic to review the whole concept for the following seasons.


One of the problems is that the shadow Pokemon offered are not really interesting, apart from a couple of exceptions. It seems that as the season progresses, Raid Battles become more disappointing, especially if you have Pokemon like Shadow Pidove.

In addition, it is very difficult to complete the dark raids when it comes to the Legendaries. The players of Pokemon GO They seem excited to meet for the first few days, but soon lose interest in the boss on duty. Dark Mewtwo and Dark Articuno, while popular, no longer attract enough attention to team up in Gyms.

The suggestion of some players is that the dark raids pokemon go They should have a time limit. In this way the players would be more motivated to participate since they would find other coaches. This would also fix the issue of blocking regular Raids.


A little more variety would also help keep the events in value as the season progresses. After all, engaging coaches face to face is one of the goals of Pokemon GO.

The problem with purified gems

Another very valid critique in Pokemon GO it was directed towards Purified Gems, a mechanic that can influence the boss’s behavior to the point of weakening it. However, gem input from multiple players is needed for the effect to be significant.


Players pointed out that the theme with the purified gems is very black or white. Basically there can be two cases: the first in which you don’t have companions to use gems with, and the second in which you do have companions and therefore you don’t need to spend your gems.

They’re not useless all the time, but it’s certainly a mechanic that should be back on the conceptualization table for some big changes. Or at least that’s what the fans ask for.

To fix this, Niantic should decide if they want the dark raids are completed with few or many players. If the latter is the goal, you should provide more facilities for coaches to meet and participate. For those who have no choice but to fight alone, the purified gems are pretty useless.


With any luck, the following season will bring us some interesting changes to reinvigorate the dark raids pokemon go.

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