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Pokemon GO: Primal Kyogre Counter – 20 best attackers in the raid guide

The best counters against Primal Kyogre in Pokemon GO in the guide. We show you the best attackers and movesets. With it you can defeat Kyogre with his protomorphosis form in raids.

What kind of Pokemon is Primal Kyogre? This is the stronger version of Kyogre, which will be released for the Hoenn Tour 2023 for the first time in Pokemon GO. It is of the water type. You can also find Primal Groudon in-game.


When is Primal Kyogre coming? You can find the boss in the raids of the Hoenn Tour event this weekend (February 25th and 26th). Here we show you the best counters against Primal Kyogre and against which types it is weak (type effectiveness).

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Defeat Primal Kyogre in Raid – With these counters

  1. Mega Squadro with ball seed and flora statue
  2. Katagami with razor blade and leaf blade
  3. Voltrian with sparks and charge surge
  4. Zarude with tendril and leaf scourge
  5. Zekrom with charging beam and cross thunder
  6. Mega Venusaur with Vine Chop and Flora Statue
  7. Crypto Raikou with thunderbolt and electric shock
  8. Crypto-Magnezone with sparks and electric shock
  9. Crypto Electrovoltek with thunderbolt and electric shock
  10. Crypto Tangoloss with tendril and leaf scourge
  11. Mega Voltenso with thunder tooth and electric shock
  12. Raikou with thunderbolt and electric shock
  13. Crypto Venusaur with Vine Chop and Flora Statue
  14. Crypto Luxtra with sparks and electric shock
  15. Crypto Zapdos with Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt
  16. Mega Galagladi with kick and leaf blade
  17. Shaymin (Zenith) with reserve power and Strauchler
  18. Crypto Mewtwo with Psycho Blade and Thunderbolt
  19. Mega Ampharos with change of voltage and clap of thunder
  20. Crypto Torterra with razor blade and Flora statue
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Primal Kyogre Weaknesses: The Pokemon is of the Water type and has weaknesses to Plant and Electric. In raids, rely primarily on attacks and Pokemon of these types to defeat Proto-Kyogre.

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Does Shiny Proto-Kyogre exist? Yes, you can also catch Kyogre in his protoform as Shiny.

Pokemon GO Hoenn Tour Shiny Groudon and Kyogre titles
Here you can see Shiny Proto Groudon together with Shiny Proto Kyogre

How many trainers do you need? If you have the top counter-type Pokemon and have already reached a fairly high level (40+) in Pokemon GO, you can defeat the proto-form of Kyogre with at least 5 trainers. With lower levels but strong counters, you should rely on more trainers.