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Pokemon GO: Purrloin Featured Hour Guide (October 2022)

Purrloin He is the first protagonist of the featured hour Pokemon GO October. The Dark-type Pokemon, introduced in the fifth generationwill increase your spawn rate today tuesday october 4. However, this is not the only incentive related to it.

So, as we told you in our october spotlight guide, it will not be possible to capture Purrloin in his Shiny version. However, if there will be a bonus during the featured hour, an event that will take place from 18:00 PM (local time) until 19:00 PM (local time).

Without further delay, we are going to tell you all the details related to Purrloin and its featured hour in Pokemon GO. Once we have done it, you will have no doubts with the event starring the Pokemon.

Guide to the featured time of Purrloin in Pokemon GO: day, time, Shiny and more

Day and time of Purrloin capture

The popular Dark-type Pokemon, capable of evolving into liepard with 50 candies, is the first Pokemon featured in Pokemon GO’s October Featured Hour. Therefore, as usual, will be available to capture during the afternoon of Tuesday:

  • catch day: Tuesday, October 4
  • capture time: from 18:00 PM (local time) to 19:00 PM (local time)

Is it possible to capture the Shiny version of Purrloin?

No, it will not be possible to catch the Shiny version of the Pokemon. Unlike other Pokemon that star in the featured hour, Purrloin will not have a shiny version.

Bonus for capturing during the featured hour

As with all featured hour events, Niantic has scheduled a bonus for Trainers who play during the featured times. So those who evolve pokemon will get double XP. Without a doubt, this is a perfect opportunity to raise some levels or increase your experience points.

Purrloin resistances and weaknesses

  • resistors: Ghost, Dark and Psychic
  • weaknesses: Fight, Bug and Fairy

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