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Pokemon GO: Raid-Tag brings new monsters, directly with an increased Shiny chance

pokemon go: raid tag brings new monsters, directly with an increased

The new Pokemon Axantor will soon be making its debut in Pokemon GO in the form of a Raid Tag. We summarize how it works here.

When does the raid day with Axantor start? The Raid Day runs on Saturday, May 6th from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. local time. It is one of the first May events in Pokemon GO and is already imminent.


What is this Pokemon? Introduced to the Pokemon world with the Switch game Legends: Arceus, Axantor is a Bug and Rock type.

Axantor can – actually – evolve from Sichlor. In Legends: Arceus, this happens when you use the Black Augite item on Scyther. It then evolves into Axantor instead of Scizor as it used to. It represents an alternative development of the Hisui region, as was the case with Ursaluna.

However, development from Sichlor in Pokemon GO will not be possible for the time being, according to Niantic’s announcement (via Instead, you only get the ax monster in raid battles.


In line with this, Pokemon GO is organizing the Raid Day on April 6th.

How does the raid tag work with Axantor? All bonuses of the event

This is what happens on raid tag: You have a total of three hours to complete Axantor Raids in the event, which are expected to take place on a majority of the in-game arenas. The raids are level 3 and should therefore be beatable alone.

Can Axantor be Shiny? Yes, Axantor will be available as Shiny right away with its debut. In addition, there will be an increased chance of the shiny in the raids during the raid day. If you want the dazzling Axantor, keep that in mind.


What bonuses does the raid day bring? In addition to the more frequent Axantor raids and the increased Shiny chance, there are two other bonuses:

  • You can earn up to five additional Daily Raid Passes by spinning arenas during the event and up to two hours after. In the past, such events always gave you the next pass as soon as you used up a free pass.
  • The remote raid limit will be increased to ten remote raids from 00:00 to 23:59 on the day of the event.

What’s the deal with the remote raid limit? Pokemon GO recently caused a stir when some changes to long-distance raids were announced. This also includes a remote raid limit that limits players to up to five remote raids per day.

In addition, the prices for long-distance raids have been increased. The changes caused frustration in the community, and a lot of criticism was expressed about the decisions. You can read more about the discussion about long-distance raids in Pokemon GO here.