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Pokemon GO: Research Breakthrough in June brings 6 Pokemon with 4 new options | Discover News

pokemon go: research breakthrough in june brings 6 pokemon with

The new Research Breakthrough is now available in Pokemon GO. We will show you here which monsters you will find from June 2023.

What is the Research Breakthrough? You can achieve Research Breakthrough in Pokemon GO by collecting 7 Field Research Stamps.


You can get such a stamp once a day – whenever you have solved the first field research task of the day. This means that a maximum of 7 stamps and thus a research breakthrough can be collected within a week.

You will be rewarded with encountering one monster per Research Breakthrough. While there used to be only one monster per month, there are now multiple options. This also applies to the new season “Hidden Gems”.

Check out the trailer for the new season here:


Pokemon GO shows the new season “Hidden Gems” in the trailer

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That’s in the June 2023 research breakthrough at Pokemon GO

When is the research breakthrough? The research breakthrough is available from the season start on June 1st, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. He is expected to stay for the entire season.

There are a total of 6 monsters that you can get from the breakthrough. However, chance determines which of them you get in the breakthrough.

We present the current options to you here. Compared to the last research breakthrough in May, 4 monsters have changed, while 2 remain options in the breakthrough.


Zobiris: Zobiris is primarily for players who like to play PvP in the super league. There it is a popular and useful monster. Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter in raids, and its Mega Evolution isn’t in play yet either. With luck you can meet the Shiny. The catch also brings additional Stardust.

Pokemon GO Zobiris

Tanhel: Tanhel becomes one of the best attackers in Pokemon GO ever: Metagross. It’s always a good catch, especially if you get one with good stats. Also at Tanhel you have the chance to meet a Shiny.

Pokemon GO Shiny Tanhel
Tanhel and its developments

ear but: Ohrdoch is a normal-type Pokemon, but currently does not play a role in raids or in PvP. It has a Mega Evolution, but it’s not yet in the game. Here, too, there is a stardust bonus when caught. The shiny version is also available.

Pokemon GO Ear Plug Shiny

eF-eM: The bat-type monster can evolve into UHaFnir and has long had a rarity value. If you haven’t been able to catch it yet, you can be happy about the catch – especially since you need 400 candies for the development. The shiny version is also available.

ef em uhafnir

Hairdresser: The dog Pokemon was also recently available in the research breakthrough and primarily has collector’s value. The special thing about Coiffwaff are its many different shapes that you can change. His Shiny version is also catchable.

Pokemon GO Hairdresser Shiny

Viscora: Like Coiffwaff, it was already part of the research breakthrough. You can’t catch a Shiny here, but Viscora itself is currently quite rare and usually only available via 10 km eggs.

Pokemon GO Viscora
Viscora and its developments

It can be assumed that these monsters, like the previous research breakthroughs, will remain the reward for your research stamps for the first 3 months. The season started on June 1st, now you can expect numerous different monsters in the wilderness, raid bosses, events and more.

To give you an overview, you can find an overview of all Pokemon GO events in June 2023 here.