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Pokemon GO reveals another bonus for the new 6-euro ticket

There is new research in Pokemon GO, but you have to buy it in the shop as a ticket for €6. Now Pokemon GO announced another bonus.

What is this research? The research is called “Willow’s Outfit” and has been available since the start of the new season “Rising Heroes”.


However, the special research is not free, you have to buy it in the shop for 5.99 euros. One of the things you get from research is an outfit in the style of Willow after he disappeared into the Ultradimension. There is also a Melmetal that brings the attack “bazookas”.

This is what Niantic announced: On Twitter, the official Niantic support channel explained that trainers who bought the ticket can get more Melmetal with “bazookas” by developing Meltan over the course of the new season of Rising Heroes.

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This has the benefit of being able to select different Meltan with appropriate stats and then evolving them into Melmetal instead of just relying on the Melmetal encounter from research.

You get Meltan with the help of the “miracle box”. If you activate it, it works like a smoke that increases Meltan’s spawning. You also have the opportunity to collect candies – because you need a total of 400 candies for development.

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Can I get the attack without a ticket? At the launch of the season, Niantic announced that in the future you can also unlock “bazookas” using a top loading TM for Melmetal. However, this is currently not the case.

How strong is Melmetal with Bazookas?

Is bazooka strong? The attack is currently exclusive to Melmetal, but when it comes to raiding, Melmetal is still being overtaken by other Steel attackers like Metagross – here are the top attackers for Pokemon GO raids by type.


However, Melmetal is a feared opponent in the PvP Battle League – even without bazookas. PvP expert “JRE47” has now shared an analysis of the attack on the Pokemon GO subreddit “TheSilphRoad” (via reddit).

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According to JRE47, the attack is quite interesting for PvP, even if it’s not necessarily an upgrade, but rather an alternative to Melmetal’s previous moves. Especially in the master league, the move gets it victories that it normally wouldn’t get. JRE47 recommends always sticking with the move Hulk, and then deciding between Rock Hail and Bazookas.


Overall, this would make Melmetal a little less predictable – although the move as a whole is more of a “sidegrade” than an “upgrade”.

Overall, the Meltan development bonus gives you the opportunity to earn more Melmetal with bazookas – but this seems to be primarily worthwhile for PvP fans. In addition, you can also get the attack at a later date via the Top Charge TM.

What do you think of the ticket? Is the research interesting for you? Tell us in the comments.


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