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Pokemon GO reveals June’s Community Day featuring Milza and these bonuses | Discover News

pokemon go reveals june's community day featuring milza and these

The Pokemon GO Community Day in June is well known and brings a real fan favorite: Milza will be the star of the day. All information about the event.

What is this event? The Community Day comes once a month and always takes place at the weekend. The event usually runs for three hours.


During this time, the focus is always on a specific Pokemon that appears everywhere in the game and also has an increased shiny rate. So it’s the perfect opportunity to grab the shiny variant as well as a strong specimen of the monster.

Who is the event Pokemon? In the month of June, this Pokemon will be Milza. That was Pokemon GO via twitter known. Spleen has long been very difficult to obtain and is finally being made available to the general public.

When is Community Day in June? Community Day with Milza runs Saturday, June 10 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time. It’s the first Community Day of the new season “Hidden Gems”.


Pokemon GO shows the new season “Hidden Gems” in the trailer

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All Community Day content and bonuses with Milza

Can Spleen Be Shiny? Yes, the Shiny variant of Milza has been around for a while, but Community Day is the best way yet to find it.

We show you the shiny variants here:

Pokemon GO Milza Shiny Family
Milza and its developments in Normal and Shiny

What bonuses does Community Day bring? These bonuses will be available on Community Day:

  • When you evolve Milza’s Sharfax evolution into Maxax, Maxax learns the Broadside attack
  • You get triple XP for catching Pokemon
  • There are double catch candies
  • From level 31 you have double the chance to get XL candies when catching
  • Lock modules last for three hours if you activate them in the event
  • Snapshot Surprises
  • An additional special swap is possible, making a total of three that day
  • Trading costs 50% less Stardust
  • Event Stickers at PokéStops, from Gifts, and in the Shop
  • There will be paid research in the shop to coincide with Community Day

After the community there will also be special 4-star raids again. There you compete against Sharfax from 17:00 to 22:00. Defeating it will spawn more Milza around the arena, using the same shiny rate as during the actual event.

However, you can only compete against the raid boss on site, you cannot join the raids via remote raid pass.


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