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Pokemon GO Reveals New Season “Hidden Gems” – All Content, Spawns and Bonuses of Season 11 | Discover News

pokemon go reveals new season "hidden gems" all content,

In Pokemon GO, the content of the new season “Hidden Gems” has been revealed. We at MeinMMO show what content, spawns and bonuses you can expect from June 1st for the new season in the game.

What time of year is it? The 10th season under the name “Rising Heroes” will end on June 1st, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. local time and will be replaced by the new season under the name “Hidden Gems”. After there was already speculation about new monsters, the contents are now known.


This should all be about “Hidden Gems”, as the 11th season is also called in German. You can expect a lot of events, spawns, bonuses and special features. One of these highlights will be this year’s GO Fest.

We have summarized the additional content planned for you in this article. The following trailer also gives you a first insight into the content of the new season:


Pokemon GO shows the new season “Hidden Gems” in the trailer

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When does the 11th season start? The new season “Hidden Gems” starts on June 01, 2023 at 10:00 local time and is then active for exactly 3 months. So it ends again on September 1st, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. local time.


All events of the season Hidden Gems

As in every season, you can look forward to a lot of events in the “Hidden Gems” season. Above all, this year’s global GO Fest will take place. But that’s not all, of course, because over the course of the next three months, special themed events await you in addition to the Community Days in June, July and August.


We have summarized what these will be in the following overview. Since not all content is known at this point in time, we will update this post regularly for you and add to it.

You can also find a detailed overview of all events in June 2023 at Pokemon GO here.

Date events
03 June Research Day “Gold Search”
from June 5th Crypto Raids
6th of June Special Spotlight Hour “Water Festival”
June 06 – June 12 Water Festival: Beach Week
June 10th Community Day in June
June 16 – June 25 Like Day and Night Event & Team GO Rocket Takeover
June 29 – July 02 Event is not yet known
July 9th Community Day Classic
22nd of July Event is not yet known
30th July Community Day in July
August 04 – August 06 GO Fest Live Event in London & Osaka (Japan)
13 August Community Day in August
18 Aug -20 Aug GO Fest live event in New York
Aug. 26 – Aug. 27 Pokemon GO Fest 2023: Global

All new monsters at a glance

At the start of the new season, you can also meet one or two new monsters in Pokemon GO. Niantic has already announced the first 3 Pokemon, but more are to follow.


Sankabuh & Colossand: The new season kicks off with the Water Festival: Beach Week, where the Ghost and Ground-type Pokemon Sankabuh makes its debut. It is visually reminiscent of a pile of sand with a red shovel stuck in it.

You can obtain Sankabuh from Tier 1 Raid Battles and Field Research during the event. With the help of 50 candies, it can be further developed into Colossand, which is visually reminiscent of a sandcastle.

That was also the reason why it was suspected by many players as a new monster since the release of a first teaser for the new season.


Rocara: Another new Pokemon in the game is Rocara. The Rock and Fairy-type Pokemon from Generation 6 will be found in Pokemon GO throughout the new season. You can recognize it by its gray, rock-like body, long, pointed ears, and crystals on its body and head. Its eyes are light blue and it wears a white scarf.

It fits the theme of the new season “Hidden Gems”. Rocara does not have any further development. It is not yet known exactly when you will be able to find the Gem Pokemon. As soon as there is new information about this, you will find out from us on MeinMMO.

Mega Tyranitar: Finally, on July 25th, a new Mega Evolution that Trainers have been waiting for makes its debut in the game: Mega Tyranitar. The Rock Pokemon can then be fought in the Mega Raids to collect appropriate energy.


And you shouldn’t miss it either, because Mega Tyranitar is one of the best attackers of its type.

All Spawns and Shinys of Season 11

With the start of Season 11: Hidden Gems, not only will new events be provided and new monsters released, but the wild spawns and content of eggs will also be adjusted accordingly.

So these are then oriented thematically to the season. In addition, interesting raid bosses await you. We have summarized below which Pokemon you can get in the coming weeks.


Wild Pokemon: In the wild, you can meet a wide variety of Pokemon from a wide variety of habitats again in the next 3 months. With a bit of luck you can even catch one or the other as Shiny. We’ve got you covered with one

marked: habitat
Pokemon City
Alola Meowth*
Galarian Zigzaxes*
Nagelotz* Forest
coconut milk*
Paragoni mountains
fluff lik*
eguana* beach & water
Galarian Flegmon*
star you*
Gingerfish northern hemisphere
Alola Coconut Wheat*
dude carbor*
hydropi* southern hemisphere
Alola Knogga*

Plinfa* Pokemon from Eggs:

And the contents of the eggs also adapt accordingly in the new season. Look out for the following monsters there: eggs
Pokemon 2 km
star you*
azurill* 5 km
garstella 7 km
Hisui Voltobal
Hisui Sniebel 10 km
5 km
(Adventure Sync)
fluff lik*
10 km
(Adventure Sync)
Galarian Macabaya*

Wuffels* Research Breakthrough Monsters:

  • If you complete field research every day, you can secure a so-called research breakthrough every 7 days. The following Pokemon can be encountered in the “Hidden Gems” season:
  • eF-eM*
  • ear but*
  • Tanhel*
  • zobiris*
  • Coiffwaff (shaggy shape)*


Interesting monsters from raids

During the coming weeks you can also encounter a variety of bosses in the raids. The new crypto raids with crypto arctos will be of particular interest to many players, since the legendary bird can be caught in this form as a shiny for the first time.

  • You can also expect the return of Regieleki and Regidrago. Mega Tyranitar will also celebrate its in-game release in July. The following legendary monsters and mega developments await you:
  • Crypto Arktos in Crypto Raids level 5 (always on weekends)
  • Selfe, Esprit and Tobutz (01 June to 15 June)
  • Mega Sumpex (June 1st – June 15th)
  • Anego (June 15th to June 29th)
  • Mega Scrabble (June 15th – June 29th)
  • Heatran (June 29th to July 6th)
  • a not yet known Mega Pokemon (June 29th to July 6th)
  • Arctic, Zapdos, Lavados (06 July to 13 July)
  • Mega Turbo (July 6th to July 13th)
  • Regieleki (July 13th to July 25th)
  • Mega Blarney (July 13th to July 25th)
  • Regidrago (July 25th to August 4th)
  • Mega Tyranitar (July 25th – August 4th)
  • Cresselia (04 August to 16 August)
  • Mega Gyarados (August 4th to August 16th)
  • Mega Brutalanda (August 16 – August 23)

a still unknown Pokemon (from August 16)

All bonuses and special features for the new season

  • A number of special season bonuses await you during the new season. These are bonuses that you can benefit from over the next 3 months regardless of specific events. The following are available to you:
  • up to 2 special exchanges per day
  • 1 additional candy when trading
  • guaranteed XL candy when swapping

Seasonal event stickers

  • In addition, Pokemon GO has other special features in store for you for the “Hidden Gems” season:
    • Special Crypto Raids
    • daily level 1 and level 3 crypto raids
  • Weekend Level 5 Crypto Raids
  • Seasonal specials on the Pokemon GO web store
  • Damage dealt by monsters in remote raids is now consistently equal to damage dealt by Pokemon in local raids

More features for the new season are to follow

How do you like the content of the new season? Which monster are you particularly after? And which event do you definitely not want to miss? Let us know here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other trainers.

We wanted to know from you how many kilometers you cover every week. The result shows: Pokemon GO keeps you moving, you run a lot.