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Pokemon Go suffers a significant drop in revenue in April

pokemon go suffers a significant drop in revenue in april

The once-social phenomenon Pokemon Go has faced a rather large drop in monthly revenue, plummeting from $42.8 million in March to $34.7 million in April, marking its lowest total since February 2018. .

Compared to February 2023 revenue, it’s even clearer to see the drop, as Pokemon Go reported $58 million in profit a couple of months ago, reports.


There are a couple of possible reasons for the app to bottom out seven years later, but many point to the changes in Remote Raid passes as the main differentiating factor. The decision has been controversial and while it hasn’t necessarily led to users abandoning the game, it could have prevented people from actively investing money in it. Searching for Pokemon in the real world is easy; not so much pocket scratching.

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