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Pokemon GO: They show some of the worst and best shiny to date

this is what rayquaza would be like if it weren't

An interesting publication related to one of the most prominent titles in the mobile market. We are actually talking about Pokemon GO.

Shiny Pokemon are treated differently than usual based on having a different color palette than usual, with a really low probability of appearance. Despite the fact that their combat abilities are exactly the same as those of their common forms, they are highly appreciated by players considering their rarity, going so far as to hunt for various colored Pokemon or various methods to get hold of one of them.


In the post that we leave you below you can see how the eggshapedorange userskakfretter420, and hiebertw07 show off some of the best Shiny Pokemon and some of the worst respectively. Some of the ones that we can find among the best could be Azumarill, Honchkrow or Amoonguss, while among the worst we can see Wormadam, Gengar or Blissey. It is certainly surprising.

You can see the full post along with all the images shared at this link. Here you can see it:

What about the best looking shiny?
by u/eggshapedorange in pokemongo

We all know this is the worst shiny…
by u/kakfretter420 in pokemongo

Nomination for the worst shiny: Blissey
by u/hiebertw07 in pokemongo

What do you think, fans of Pokemon GO? What was your most surprising encounter with a shiny Pokemon? We read you in the comments.