Pokémon GO Tour: Johto brings strong attacks – these developments are worthwhile

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During the Pokemon GO Tour: Johto, Pokemon like Tyranitar can learn powerful, exclusive moves. We’ll show you which ones are and which ones are worth it.

Why are there attacks? The GO Tour: Johto is running on February 26th and allows Pokemon to learn certain moves during the event that they could actually only learn during their Community Days. For you, this is an important way to make the Pokemon in your collection really strong.

Here we show you an overview of all Pokemon and attacks and which ones are really worth it.

Exclusive attacks on the Johto Tour

What attacks are there? Niantic announced which monsters the bonus will affect. It says “Special moves for Lugia and Ho-Oh, as well as event moves from past Community Days for Meganium, Tornupto, Impergator, Tyranitar, Psiana, Nachtara, and Mamutel.”

The special moves for Lugia and Ho-Oh seem to be Purge+ and Purge++ for Crypto Apex Ho-Oh, and Air Blast+ and Air Blast++ for Lugia. The special Crypto Apex Forms are obtained through the Johto Tour Masterwork Research.

  • Psiana with Refuge: Evolve Eevee into Psiana so it can learn Sanctuary
  • Nightara with Refuge: Evolve Eevee into Nachtara to learn Sanctuary
  • Meganium with Flora Statue: Evolve Bayleaf (the evolution of Endive) into Meganium to have it learn Flora Statue
  • Tornupto with tan cannonade: Evolve Igelavar (Fiery Gel’s evolution) into Tornupto so it can learn Blaze Cannonade
  • Impergator with Aqua Howitzer: Evolve Tyracroc (Karnimani’s evolution) into Impergator so it can learn Aqua Howitzer
  • Ampharos with Dragon Pulse: Evolves Waaty (Voltilam’s evolution) into Ampharos so it can learn Dragon Pulse
  • Papungha with Acrobatics: Evolve Hoppup (the evolution of Hoppup) into Papungha so it can learn acrobatics
  • Mamutel with Ancient power: Evolve Keifel (the evolution of Squeak) into Mamutel so it can learn Ancient Power
  • Tyranitar with catapult: Evolve Pupitar (Larvitar’s evolution) into Tyranitar so it can learn Catapult

How strong are the attacks and which ones are worth it?

  • Psiana is already quite strong with Haven, but prefers Psychic in fights. In PvP, Sanctuary could come in handy against Dark Attackers since it hits them with no resistances.
  • night macaw is not very strong with sanctuary, you should prefer parasites and dark aura. In PvP, it’s a handy attack against Dark enemies.
  • megania gets a fantastic attack with Flora Statue, which is considered the best Charged Attack. You should use them.
  • Tornupto you should definitely keep it with tan cannonade. It is the best fire attack in the game and the first choice for the Pokemon.
  • impergator gets a really strong attack with Aqua Howitzer, which you should choose if you want to fully rely on water.
  • Ampharos is not particularly strong as an attacker with Dragon Pulse. You should rather rely on Blitzkanone. In PvP, Dragon Pulse is okay.
  • Papungha is not particularly interesting with acrobatics as a raid attacker. However, since the attack benefits from STAB, it could be used as an alternative attack in PvP.
  • mamuttel only makes sense with antique power for collection, but not for combat. It has far too little damage output. Prefers to use Avalanche or Steamroller in battles.
  • despotary learns a powerful instant attack with Catapult. If you want to use your Tyranitar as a rock attacker, this – along with Stone Edge – is your best bet. If you use Tyranitar as a dark attacker, you should rely on bite and crunch. In PvP, Catapult can help you a lot because it builds up energy quickly.

You can see that a few developments are really worthwhile and strengthen the Pokemon significantly. For others, the attacks are not that interesting and can therefore be safely ignored. Have you picked out a few favorites that you want to develop a few copies of?

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